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Andrew Napollitano: A Midwife To Chaos And Her Perjury

A confirmed liar asks for your vote.  The New York Times' Maureen Dowd captured the moment last weekend when she referred to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as "the midwife to chaos" in Libya. Dowd apparently came to that conclusion after watching Clinton bobbing and weaving and admitting and denying as she was confronted with   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Hillary 2.0

Deception's poster child.       Many people may share Senator Bernie Sanders' complaint that he was tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. But the controversy is about issues far bigger than e-mails. One issue is the utter disaster created by the Obama administration's foreign policy in Libya, carried out by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of  ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: What If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care?

Contempt for the American people.   What if former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been pulling the wool over our eyes for years? What if, while she was secretary of state, she ran two secret wars, one in Libya and one in Syria? What if there already were wars in each of those countries, so she used those wars as covers for her own?      ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Hillary Lies Again

It seems the truth is seldom her friend.    In a column I wrote in early July, based on research by my colleagues and my own analysis of government documents and eyewitness statements, I argued that in 2011 and 2012 then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waged a secret war on the governments of Libya and Syria, with the approval of President   ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Hillary's Secret War

Provided material assistance to terrorists, then lied.    In the course of my work at Fox News, I am often asked by colleagues to review and explain documents and statutes. Recently, in conjunction with my colleagues Catherine Herridge, our chief intelligence correspondent, and Pamela Browne, our senior executive producer, I read the      ... MORE

John Stossel: Omission Control

The American Pravda.        Reporter Sharyl Attkisson's story sounds familiar to me: A major network got tired of her reports criticizing government. She no longer works there. The CBS correspondent reported on Fast and Furious, the shifting explanation for the Benghazi, Libya, attacks and the bungled rollout of the Obamacare website.   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: How Foreign Is Our Policy?

Reducing America's power, security and influence.       Many people are lamenting the bad consequences of Barack Obama's foreign policy, and some are questioning his competence. There is much to lament, and much to fear. Multiple setbacks to American interests have been brought on by Obama's policies in Libya, Egypt, Syria,     ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: America The Lawless

Committing crimes to the sounds of official rejoicing.   Before you rejoice that the government has seized an alleged terrorist in Libya who was indicted for planning the notorious 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, before you join the House of Representatives in a standing ovation for the Capitol Hill Police who killed a woman        ... MORE

Steve Chapman: The Endless Quest For Credibility

Credibility is overrated.  The United States boasts the most powerful military on Earth. We have 1.4 million active-duty personnel, thousands of tanks, ships and planes, and 5,000 nuclear warheads. We spend more on defense than the next 13 countries combined. Yet we are told we have to bomb Syria to preserve our credibility in world. Really?    ... MORE

Ken Allard: Generous Second Coat Of Benghazi Whitewash

More White House tactical air support from CNN.      CNN spent an hour of prime time Tuesday night to air a special anchored by Erin Burnett, “The Truth about Benghazi.” They claimed to have learned two vital lessons from their supposedly extensive investigation of that tragedy: It must never happen again, and politics trumped      ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Go See Copperhead The Movie

Don’t give up on Hollywood.     I just had the exciting opportunity to pre-screen Gettysburg director Ron Maxwell’s third Civil War movie premiering Friday, June 28. If you see just one movie this summer, make it Copperhead. Copperhead is worth seeing because it re-tells American history with an intimate, engaging and non-textbook approach.    ... MORE

Dear Graduates: Tyranny Is Right Around The Corner

by Andrew Napolitano.     A few weeks ago, President Obama advised graduates at Ohio State University that they need not listen to voices warning about tyranny around the corner, because we have self-government in America. He argued that self-government is in and of itself an adequate safeguard against tyranny, because voters can be    ... MORE

Media Scrambles To Minimize Team Obama Deception

by Dan Gainor.  In the real world, when you cover up four murders after the fact, you likely go to jail. In government, you retire with dignity and run for president with full media support. Up until yesterday, that was the Benghazi scenario following the death of four Americans including our ambassador to Libya. The Obama administration has lied,         ... MORE

Rand Paul Tells Hillary Clinton: "I Would Have Fired You"

by Alexis Levinson.    Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been negligent in conducting her job, and said that if he were president, he would have relieved her of her post. Paul said that the fact that she was not aware of the requests of more security for the U.S. Embassy in Libya constituted “a failure of leadership” and said it    ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Silencing General Petraeus

The judge connects the dots.     The evidence that Gen. David Petraeus, formerly the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the author of the current Army field manual, Princeton Ph.D. and, until last week, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was forced to resign from the CIA to silence him is far stronger than is the version of   ... MORE

Matt Welch: America's Free Speech Retreat

The shoddy response to consulate attack in Libya.  On the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, scores of men armed with rocket propellers, hand grenades, and automatic rifles assaulted two separate U.S. diplomatic buildings in Benghazi, Libya, for more than four hours, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other        ... MORE

Ben Stein: An Embarrassment To The Nation

Hushing scandal until after the election.   General David Petraeus is roughly one thousand times the man I am. He is braver, tougher, more self-sacrificing, smarter, more unselfish, more patriotic, far more disciplined, apparently able to keep up sexually with a woman twenty years younger than he is who is also an Ironman woman superstar. He is     ... MORE