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Fast And Furious Court Victory For Judicial Watch

by Tom Fitton.     Government's gun-running op. This is an important story about Judicial Watch’s complicated and complex investigation into the Obama administration’s deadly Operation Fast and Furious scandal.  And this is one story that should be shared far and wide. Earlier this week Judicial Watch was pleased to announce that we scored a victory ... MORE

Radley Balko: Video Saves Man From Lying Cops And Prosecutors, But No Consequences For The Culprits

An all too familiar pattern of no gov't accountability.    The latest example of cellphone video vindicating someone from false charges is a doozy. It comes from Washington Parish, La., and WWL TV. One of the worst days of Douglas Dendinger’s life began with him handing an envelope to a police officer. In order to help out his family and earn a   ... MORE

Michael Hursh: The Great Police Violence Cover-Up

Most departments refuse to divulge the data.    "Have a 20-year-old son, and I have a 12-year-old son, and I’m so afraid for them. … This is about a war machine. It is us against the [expletive] machine!” —Rapper Killer Mike. Perhaps the saddest thing is: We don’t really know what the truth is. We don’t really know if Killer Mike—his voice breaking  ... MORE

Joel Gehrke: Election Eve Dump - Eric Holder Releases Fast And Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt

Holder contempt vote vindicated?    Justice Department officials provided House investigators with thousands of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious that President Obama had previously claimed were exempt from congressional review. In an “election eve dump,” as House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman   ... MORE

Ralph R. Reiland: A Government Against Liberty

Public servants or public masters?  Let’s say you’re like most people and believe the federal government has become too large, too wasteful, too crooked and too intrusive. Now imagine the morning mail arrives from the money-bleeding U.S. Postal Service ($16 billion in the hole last year) and there’s a letter from the Internal Revenue   ... MORE

Barry Farber: Lois Lerner Is The New Chutzpa Champ

Move over Sweet Daddy Grace.   Chutzpa is busting out all over. “Chutzpa” is the Yiddish word for a quality possessed by gutsy characters who bristle with unspeakable effrontery, the kind of person who could walk through a revolving door behind you and come out ahead of you. It takes chutzpa, for example, to shoot both parents and then    ... MORE

DOJ Leaked Docs To Smear Fast & Furious Whistleblower

by Matthew Boyle.   The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a new report Monday that confirms former U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson. The DOJ IG said it found “Burke’s conduct in disclosing the Dodson memorandum     ... MORE

John Cassidy: A.P. Scandal Raises Spectre Of Big Brother

A reminder that the government is NOT us.   If the three-strikes rule were in effect, President Obama would be heading for the dugout, bat in hand. First the alleged Benghazi cover-up, then the kerfuffle about the I.R.S. targeting conservative groups, and now the revelation that earlier this year the Justice Department secretly seized two     ... MORE

VIDEO: Death, Lies And A Scapegoat Video

Public servant or public master?

Media Scrambles To Minimize Team Obama Deception

by Dan Gainor.  In the real world, when you cover up four murders after the fact, you likely go to jail. In government, you retire with dignity and run for president with full media support. Up until yesterday, that was the Benghazi scenario following the death of four Americans including our ambassador to Libya. The Obama administration has lied,         ... MORE

Benghazi Whistleblower Shocked That WH Blamed YouTube

by John Sexton.    In an appearance on Face the Nation this morning, Rep. Darrell Issa revealed several new pieces of information about the Obama administration's controversial description of the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, casting doubt that the White House mischaracterized its cause by mere accident. "The talking points ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Silencing General Petraeus

The judge connects the dots.     The evidence that Gen. David Petraeus, formerly the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the author of the current Army field manual, Princeton Ph.D. and, until last week, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was forced to resign from the CIA to silence him is far stronger than is the version of   ... MORE

Ben Stein: An Embarrassment To The Nation

Hushing scandal until after the election.   General David Petraeus is roughly one thousand times the man I am. He is braver, tougher, more self-sacrificing, smarter, more unselfish, more patriotic, far more disciplined, apparently able to keep up sexually with a woman twenty years younger than he is who is also an Ironman woman superstar. He is     ... MORE

Eric Holder's Contempt: Who Owns The Government?

by Mike Razar.   Who owns the documents being suppressed in the clumsy Fast and Furious cover-up? Murder-gate would be a descriptive moniker. Could some intrepid reporter ask the hapless Jay Carney if the POTUS believes that the U.S. Government is "of the people, by the people, and for the people"? If he believes that, then surely he   ... MORE