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Amy Payne: Uproar Over Bloated Sandy Aid Package

Bloated governor decries selfishness.   Leaders from New Jersey and New York blew up yesterday after House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) postponed a vote on an aid package related to Hurricane Sandy. But the bill is so loaded with pork projects that these officials should consider directing their anger at the Obama Administration, which is    ... MORE

Stranded Sandy Victims Tangled In FEMA Red Tape

by Joe Schoffstall.  Nearly two months after homes in Staten Island, NY were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, residents say they’re still struggling with red tape as they try to get the government to help. FEMA “really hasn’t done much, if anything, and they’re making people go through a whole bunch of bureaucratic tape,” one resident told MRCTV.   ... MORE

NYers Say FEMA Ignored Obama's Cut Red Tape Pledge

"FEMA ain't doing nothing."       Storm-ravaged New Yorkers say President Obama’s promise to cut red tape and get them aid in the aftermath of Sandy has proven to be hot air. Angry citizens vented at FEMA officials at a town hall meeting held by the disaster relief agency Thursday, with tempers boiling over. Some 1,000 people,      ... MORE

FEMA: Welfare Masquerading As Disaster Relief

by Shikha Dalmia.    Hurricane Sandy hadn't even touched down when liberals started blowing kisses to FEMA, or Federal Emergency Management Agency, the federal disaster relief agency. A New York Times editorial declared that the impending storm proved that the country needs FEMA-style "Big Government" solutions more than ever. Salon, New    ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Do We Really Need FEMA?

James Stacey Taylor: In Defense Of Price Gouging

Be careful what you wish for.    Last Friday, Gov. Chris Christie announced that he was taking a “zero-tolerance” approach toward anyone the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs found taking certain steps to help bring in much-needed items that were in desperately short supply after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the state last week.      ... MORE