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Feb 14, 2019

Green New Deal: A Democratic suicide note

fromWND:  Among the endorsers of this Green New Deal is Sen. Cory Booker, who compares the battle to stop climate change to fighting the Nazis in World War II.
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Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia

fromNBCNews:  The two and a half year long Democratic Party witch hunt comes up snake eyes.
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VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Environmental Crisis: The Last Straw

fromLibertyPen/YouTube:  Across the nation, the movement to ban plastic straws is gaining momentum. Tucker Carlson looks at the danger posed to Americans by this tubular menace.
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National debt hits a new record high: $22 trillion

fromReason:  A new record, but one that won't stand for long.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

Cory Booker: ‘This planet simply can’t sustain’ people eating meat

fromWashingtonFreeBeacon:  The latest clown to pile into the car says he "is vegan because eating eggs 'didn't align with my spirit'.
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Students' free speech rights need to be strengthened

fromNWI:  In 1965, the court reasoned, “It can hardly be argued that students shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”  What happened?
Indoctrination and Censorship

August 21, 2018

Los Angeles to use body scanners at transit hubs as New York tests them

fromBostonGlobe: Los Angeles’ transit agency said Tuesday that it would become the first in the nation to use body scanners to screen passengers entering stations.
Government is Watching Every Move You Make

VIDEO: The CIA Director Who Couldn't Be Trusted

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: A look at why John Brennan was stripped of his security clearance and the hysterical press coverage surrounding the event.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption        Media Bias on Parade

VIDEO: John Stossel on the Paris Climate Fraud

fromJohnStossel/YouTube: Los Angeles’ transit agency said Tuesday that it would become the first in the nation to use body scanners to screen passengers entering stations.
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John Brennan is no match for Trump

fromMoonofAlabama:Brennan is one of the most despicable former U.S. officials alive. There is no sound reason why anyone who does not work for the government, directly or indirectly, should have access to state secrets.
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Sexual assault accusation against #MeToo hero Asia Argento relies on uncommon age of consent law

fromReason: An actress who helped take down Harvey Weinstein paid $380,000 to keep a 17-year-old quiet about their encounter.
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FBI dealt blow by DC judge; must address measures taken to verify Steele dossier

fromZeroHedge: Judge Amit Mehta - who in January sided with the FBI's decision to ignore the FOIA request, said that President Trump's release of two House Intelligence Committee documents changed everything.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Olivia Nuzzi: Alex Jones Endorses Rand Paul

‘America needs real change’   Hot off his surprise interview with the reclusive Matt Drudge, the excited radio host texts to say he thinks Clinton is ‘too corrupt and evil’ for the presidency—and Paul is his man. In late September, Rand Paul announced that he had been endorsed by eight people: Fox News’s John Stossel; his own father, former         ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Shooting Itself In The Foot

Bumbling idiots at work.  Ali Saleh al-Marri is a convicted conspirator who entered the United States before 9/11 in order to create a dreaded sleeper cell here that might someday launch an attack on Americans similar to what we witnessed earlier this month in Paris. When the feds woke from their slumber on 9/11, they wisely began to search   ... MORE

More Face Life Sentences For Crimes They Didn’t Commit

by Rob Hustle. The fallacy of mass incarceration. We recently reported on the case of Brandon Duncan, a California-based rapper facing a life sentence for writing songs about gang violence. Not to be outdone, in Illinois, Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim, Lake County Sheriff Mark C. Curran and other officials recently announced that:     ... MORE

Seth Mandel: What Jonathan Gruber Didn’t Say

Hired solely to mislead the people.    Despite the unmasking of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber as a dishonest advisor hired by the Obama administration to mislead the public about the law, far too many commentators have still let Gruber set the terms of the debate about the lies used to pass ObamaCare. For example, an actual discussion  ... MORE

Meet The 7 IRS Employees Whose Computers ‘Crashed’

by Patrick Howley.      A coverup with transparency. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is currently claiming that seven different IRS officials experienced computer crashes that erased their emails and made it impossible for the IRS to cooperate with congressional investigations into the IRS targeting matter. The wave of computer crashes    ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: A Conspiracy So Vast

Preparing the ground for tyranny.        Readers of this page are well aware of the revelations during the past six months of spying by the National Security Agency (NSA). Edward Snowden, a former employee of an NSA vendor, risked his life and liberty to inform us of a governmental conspiracy to violate our right to privacy, a right guaranteed by    ... MORE

Jesse Walker: The Leak Scare

A government afraid of themselves.    In the popular stereotype, conspiracy theorists direct their paranoia at the government: The CIA shot JFK. NASA faked the moon landing. Sept. 11 was an inside job. But the most significant sorts of political paranoia are the kinds that catch on with people inside the halls of power, not the folks on the    ... MORE

Obama's War Against The Free Press Gets Creepier

by J.D. Tuccille.      Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the U.S. Department of Justice "investigation" of Fox News chief correspondent James Rosen isn't the intrusive tracking of his movements and contacts — although that's disturbing enough — but the basis for the criminal charges he may ultimately face. At its heart, the allegation     ... MORE

Scott Holleran: A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Based on what we know.    Years ago, Hillary Clinton, speaking as the president’s wife, went on NBC’s Today Show and complained of what she called a “vast right-wing conspiracy” without citing evidence. She said there was a conspiracy to discredit her husband over the scandal of his having an affair with an intern. It turned out that there was a    ... MORE

Russ Vaughn: Fast & Furious Was Gun Control To Die For

Operation Vast & Obvious grows ominous. When Operation Fast & Furious first broke into the news, many of us immediately questioned the DoJ's irrational rationale. The proffered assertion that the program was designed to track firearms purchased in America to leaders of the Mexican drug cartels simply made no sense. The glaringly obvious flaw in the ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Conspiracy Theories

Why are so many Americans eager to embrace conspiracy theories?

Barry Farber: Breitbart's Death Just A Coincidence?

How far-fetched are Breitbart conspiracy rumors?    First, let’s nail down the difference between a conspiracy theorist and a broad-minded person. A conspiracy theorist says, “Of course, Andrew Breitbart was assassinated. Look how many people benefit from his absence. He told CPAC he had videos that could doom Obama’s re-election chances. He told   ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Why Birtherism Is Here To Stay

On Oct. 22, 1844, thousands of followers of American evangelist William Miller woke up expecting Jesus Christ to make his triumphant return that day, as they had been told. That night, they went to bed, surprised and disappointed. But Miller's movement endured. It was too much to expect that birthers, presented with President Barack Obama's birth certificate, would say:  ... MORE