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Jayme Metzgar: Real American Heroes - 5 Notable Americans Who Fought For Their Opponents’ Rights

The difference between disagreement and force.    I live within earshot of a Civil War battlefield, where volunteers give frequent artillery demonstrations during tourist season. Throughout this past summer, the familiar blasts rattling the kitchen windows became an odd source of comfort. “I suppose we could be more divided than we are    ... MORE

David Harsanyi: Admit It. You Just Want Your Own Dictator

Leaders are unsavory, dangerous, and unAmerican.     This incessant clamoring by voters and punditry for better "leaders" and more "leadership" is one of the most unsavory, dangerous and un-American tendencies in political discourse. When Donald Trump was asked last week by Joe Scarborough what he made of an endorsement from       ... MORE

John Stossel: Beat The Elite

An exaggerated sense of self-importance.    We love to complain about elites, people who seem to have a special advantage, privileges in life. I get annoyed by the Kardashians and other spoiled rich kids. They didn't work for their wealth. They don't contribute. Still, those elites are mostly harmless. But there's one group of truly dangerous    ... MORE

Barry Farber: How Can 40% Of Us Approve This Failure?

Pope ought to declare Obama's numbers a miracle.      To my knowledge, some of the following points have never been the subject of a column before. Does that indicate I own a warped curiosity, or, much more to my liking, have I been kissed by flames of originality? Even though he’s not running for president any more (some fear he’ll find   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Christie, Hillary and Obama

A contrast in leadership.      The first time I saw New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on television, a few years ago, my first reaction was astonishment: "A talking Republican!" It would scarcely have been more astonishing if there had been a talking giraffe. For reasons unknown, most Republican leaders seem to pay very little attention to     ... MORE

Liz Sidoti: Mounting Controversies Are All About Trust

Another day, another scandal.   As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different, better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He'd make government more efficient, accountable and transparent. He'd rise above the "small-ball" nature of doing business. And he'd work with Republicans to break Washington paralysis. You can trust me,    ... MORE

Sheldon Richman: How To Think LIke The Ruling Class

Understanding the origins of state power.   In the beginning ruling classes had a problem. It will be familiar to those acquainted with the Austrian critique of central economic planning: Rulers could not know what they needed to know to do the job they wanted to do. Societies, even seemingly primitive ones, are complex networks held together by ... MORE