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Poll Shows NRA Is 50% More Popular Than Hillary Clinton

Maybe the people are not-so dumb.    We’ve been hearing a lot about this subject in the last few weeks.  Among the list of the “enemies” that Hillary Clinton is most proud of having made, the National Rifle Association is right near the top of the list. This led one of her prominent supporters to declare that the demise of the organization was   ... MORE

Renewed Calls For Gun Control Laws Spur Sales

by Kevin Johnson.     Renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws, following a succession of fatal shootings in the United States, immediately appear to be generating a boost for the gun industry. Newly released August records show that the FBI posted 1.7 million background checks required of gun purchasers at federally licensed dealers, the     ... MORE

Ed Krayewski: The Long War on Guns

A failure called ATF.      "In a paramilitary-style operation, government agents invaded the neighborhood of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tungren," the vignette reads. "A four-block area was sealed off, the neighborhood evacuated, and the Tungren home surrounded. Some of the agents ransacked their home, while others stood over the Tungrens     ... MORE

Off-Target: California GOP Embraces Gun-Grab Program

by Steven Greenhut.     With friends like this, who needs enemies? Republican legislators are known for their support of gun rights, yet a letter they sent regarding state Attorney General Kamala Harris last week has a man-bites-dog quality about it. A dozen state GOP senators called for an oversight hearing to examine why Harris has been too    ... MORE

How Gun Control Is Causing Another European Holocaust

by Pedro Gonzales. When Adolph Hitler got into power, he confiscated all the guns owned by Jewish people.  Then, once they were defenseless, he sent them all to concentration camps.  Now, in 2015, Jews are being slaughtered again because of their religion.  And because of strict gun control laws in Europe, they are once again defenseless.   ... MORE

Armed Intruders Fail To Heed Warning From Homeowner With Gun To Not Take Another Step, Then Pay The Price

by Dave Urbanski.       In the space of five days the city of Memphis, Tennessee, has seen its second fatal shooting by a homeowner against reported armed home intruders. TheBlaze reported the first instance which occurred Tuesday when a woman answered a knock at a front door. When two men reportedly forced their way in — one of them   ... MORE

New York's Plot to Gut the Second Amendment

by Michael Filozof.     On Dec. 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will hear oral arguments in the case of Nojay v. Cuomo.  At stake is nothing less than whether the Second Amendment grants substantive gun rights to American citizens, or is meaningless rhetoric that allows the government total control over what firearms    ... MORE

Democrats Move Gun Confiscation Underground

by Katie Kieffer.  Fear of sunlight and guns is leading Democrats to turn nocturnal. Bats, mice, skunks and other nocturnal creatures are most active between sunset and sunrise. Nocturnal creatures do not “choose” to avoid sunlight anymore than fish “choose” to avoid dry land; it is instinctual, healthy and normal for nocturnal creatures to work   ... MORE

New Court Decision Could Restore Right To Carry In CA

California acknowledges the 2nd Amendment!     A procedural decision in a landmark Second Amendment case could spell the end for California laws restricting the issuance of permits to carry concealed handguns. The decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would bar other law enforcement officials, including state Attorney    ... MORE

California Cops Become Mind Readers, Seize Your Guns

by Steven Greenhut.  Gun-control efforts often center on hardware, such as limiting or banning the ownership of particular firearms and ammunition. But in California this year, the most significant new gun-related law is less about the guns and more about identifying people who might be too dangerous to own them. A.B. 1014, which goes     ... MORE

Eric Holder Wants Gun Owners To Wear Tracking Bracelets

from the Chicago Sun-Times. How's this for gun control: Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department wants to explore gun tracking bracelets as part of a new form of gun control. While appearing in front of the House appropriations subcommittee on Friday, Holder focused on technological innovations. “I think that one of the    ... MORE

Steve Chapman: The Courts Advance Concealed Guns

Concealed carry is the overwhelming norm.        Gun-control advocates are learning the downside of getting their way. Recently, a federal judge struck down the District of Columbia's ban on the carrying of concealed handguns. Anti-gun forces have been losing in legislatures for a long time. Now they are finding that even where they win,     ... MORE

Frank Pariato: Jury Nullification Set Wild Bill Hickok Free

Although he killed a man illegally. On July 20 1865, James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok was playing in a poker game at the Lyon House Hotel in Springfield MO., when a friend of his, Davis Tutt showed up claiming Hickok owed him $45 from an earlier game. Hickok said he only owed $25 since he had paid Tutt $20 some days before. Tutt snatched   ... MORE

Paul Hsieh: Gun Violence Is Not A 'Public Health' Issue

Which of these things is not like the other?        1 Measles, 2 influenza, 3 tuberculosis, 4 murder. If you picked #4, “murder,” you’re right. The first three are medical diseases. In contrast “murder” is not a medical problem, although it is a tragic cause of death. But in recent years, anti-gun organizations (and some physicians) are seeking   ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Let Students Carry On Campus

Why force students into being sitting ducks?     Pepper spray, police and cardboard signs failed to prevent the June 5 Seattle Pacific University shooting. Let’s stop mass violence on college campuses by defending college students’ right to carry firearms on campus. Tragically, this is the third column this year that I must write defending    ... MORE