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August 25, 2018

52.1% of kids live in households getting means-tested government assistance

fromCNSNews: Will they be called The Welfare Generation? Today,  growing up in a country where the majority of their peers live in households that take "means-tested assistance" from the government.
The Welfare State: Promoting Dependency

Let there be light bulbs! Trump looks to flip switch on Obama

fromWND: An Obama administration decision to ban incandescent light bulbs was based on a misunderstanding of the law, according to DOE, meaning those faithful products that had been in use for a century may be returning.
Regulation Nation

The United States' perpetual war in Afghanistan

fromForeignAffairs: Why long wars no longer generate a backlash at home.
Defense Versus The War Machine

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - South Africa's Racist Land Grab

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: Nearly 30 years after Apartheid, South Africa returns to racist policies, confiscating the land of whites without compensation. So far, the U.S. government has no problem with this.
The Government is Not Us

Why Cohen and the rest take whatever plea deal they can

fromArmstrongEconomics: 97 percent of ALL federal convictions plead to whatever the prosecutor tells them to say. If not, you go to prison for most of your life. In the 1970s, the conviction rate was 72%. Today, it is 98.7%.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption       Justice is a Result, Not Just a Process

Battlefield America: The ongoing war on the American people

fromRutherfordInstitute: When you’re a prisoner in your own town, unable to move freely, kept off the streets, issued a curfew at night, there can be no mistaking the prison walls closing in.
The Government is Not Us       Police State America

VIDEO: Dumbest New Ban Of 2014

The winner is incandescent light bulbs (the one that casts a warm glow).

Shawn Regan: Lights Out For America's Favorite Light Bulb

Dim political bulbs rule the day.     Happy New Year, America! Your favorite light bulb is now illegal. Well, sort of. As of January 1, U.S. businesses can no longer manufacture or import “general service” incandescent bulbs—the most popular light bulbs in America. Consumers can still buy and use them while supplies last, but the remaining  ... MORE

Washington Times: Light Bulb Ban On The Horizon

Future dims for survival of cheap, reliable illumination.    The free market operates by offering incentives to consumers to change their behavior. Cutting prices, advertising and developing new products redirect the public’s impulses in a natural, painless way. The government, on the other hand, has no passion or patience for this sort of thing.      ... MORE

Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Can Fry Your Skin

Be careful when handling or standing near bulbs.   Energy-saving light bulbs might be good for the environment but they can fry your skin, a new study claims. Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York State examined the impact of the efficient compact fluorescent bulbs - or CFL bulbs - on human skin cells prompted by a similar study       ... MORE

Katherine Mangu-Ward: Feds Pay $10M For $50 Light Bulb

Government's attempt to provide cheap green lighting. In 2007, when Congress passed legislation that would gradually ban old school incandescent light bulbs, they added a carrot to the pile of sticks: A $10 million dollar prize to encourage the development of a cheap, green, domestic light bulb to replace the dearly departed Edison model.  ... MORE

Richard N. Weltz: Government Just Messes Things Up

How's all that government meddling working out for ya?   Back in the heyday of the old Soviet Union an agricultural commissar from the Ukraine was summoned to the Agricultural Ministry in Moscow to report on the year's potato crop. "Ah, Comrade Minister," said the commissar, beaming, "If all the potatoes harvested this year were put into a single pile .... MORE

VIDEO: Missing You - The Incandescent Light Bulb Song

Remy mourns the impending loss of his beloved incandescent light bulbs.
BEAT THE 1/1/12 BAN:  Buy 48 100W incandescent bulbs for $35.

Phyllis Schlafly: Get Government Out Of Our House

And leave the light on. If Congress can't repeal the law that banishes the Edison light bulb and forces us to buy Chinese-made bulbs we don't like, voters will ask, what was the use in electing a Republican House? Not only are the majority of Americans in favor of abolishing that obnoxious law, but even a majority of House members voted to repeal the current law, yet that ... MORE

Republicans Flicker On Light Bulb Ban Repeal

by Geoffrey P. Hunt. The Republican House is flinching on passing the simplest and most symbolic piece of legislation this term: repeal of the incandescent light bulb phase out. Amidst great fanfare and promises to restore limited government, the new majority is proving it isn't much difference than the old majority. The incandescent phase out required under the so-called Energy  ... MORE

A Bright Idea: Rescue the Incandescents

CFL's can cause migraines and aggravate epilepsy. 
Why is Paris known as the City of Light?  Is it because the U.S. Congress banned Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulbs, so he had to take his invention offshore?  MORE