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Bjørn Lomborg: Blowing It On The Wind

The hot air surrounding wind power.   When considering climate change, most people think wind turbines and solar panels are a big part of the solution. But, over the next 25 years, the contribution of solar and wind power to resolving the problem will be trivial – and the cost will be enormous. The International Energy Agency estimates that    ... MORE

Free Consumers From Renewable Power Mandates

by Thaddeus G. McCotter.   Jean Jacques Rousseau, the philosophical forebear of the left, argued that civilization must be forcibly dismantled and remade because it had corrupted humanity from its original state of noble savagery. Today’s progressives, like Rousseau, would turn back the clock and command rather than persuade us to accept their   ... MORE

Wind Turbines are 'Expensive, Unreliable and Inefficient'

by Donna Rachel Edmunds.    Study reveals another inconvenient truth. Wind power is too variable and too unpredictable to provide a serious alternative to fossil fuels, a new study by the Scientific Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute has confirmed. The researchers concluded that, although it is true that the wind is always blowing    ... MORE

Environmentalist Wackos 1 Animal Rights Activists 0

Steven Dinan on govt-permitted eagle chopping.    The Interior Department says it will change the rules and issue permits that would let wind farms kill eagles for up to 30 years, or six times longer than the current permits allow. Wind farms — the fields of windmill turbines that dot the landscape — kill about 440,000 birds of all species every   ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Unasked & Unanswered Questions

Contempt for liberty by progressives.   Grutter v. Bollinger was the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the University of Michigan Law School's racial admissions policy. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, writing for the majority, said the U.S. Constitution "does not prohibit the Law School's narrowly tailored use of race in      ... MORE

Senator Uses Oklahoma Tornado To Pimp Her Carbon Tax

by Michael Bastasch.    California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer blamed the tornado that devastated Oklahoma on global warming during a Senate floor speech Tuesday, using the opportunity to push her own plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions. “This is climate change,” Boxer said. “This is climate change. We were warned about extreme    ... MORE

Costly State Energy Policies To Raise California Power 33%

Golden State residents to lose more gold.     has been a leader in production, in part due to federal and state level policies that provide incentives for producers of renewable power. However, a new report found that California’s policies will raise state power rates and associated costs by nearly 33 percent.       ... MORE

John Fund: Let's Be Gone With The Wind

Efficient only as a bird killer.    President Obama likes to talk about making sure “the biggest corporations pay their fair share.” Treasury secretary Tim Geithner calls for tax reform to close loopholes and subsidies. Budget hawks say federal spending must be curbed. Congress and federal environmental regulators claim they are doing      ... MORE

Rob Wile: Why Everyone Is Losing Hope For Green Energy

Green energy sounds like such a great idea.    Unfortunately, it is extremely costly and requires heavy government subsidies. Last year, the epic downfall of Solyndra — the former solar cell manufacturer backed by the Obama administration — was one of the most notorious blows to the industry. As with most young industries, experts argue that   ... MORE

Greg Pollowitz: Al Gore No Longer Investing In Green Tech

One loser identifies another.    Via The Street. Why does Al Gore hate America’s green-tech industry and love China and Bain Capital? When Al Gore talks, people listen. Just ask the folks who hand out Academy Awards and Nobel Peace Prizes. Al Gore also talks to investors. Since 2007, the former Vice President in Bill Clinton’s administration has been   ... MORE

James Valvo: Disinherit The Wind

It's time to end the wind-energy tax preference.   The federal wind production tax credit (PTC) is scheduled to expire at the end of this year, offering the country a real chance to end the failed 20-year experiment of propping up a favored industry. Not surprisingly, proponents of the special tax break are working mightily to have it renewed.  ... MORE

William Tucker: It Will Be Hot In Texas This Summer

Courtesy of federal energy policies.    Texas, the most energy-intensive state in the nation, could be facing a severe electrical shortage this summer. How could such a thing happen? Mainly, it's the result of a long series of federal interventions that have finally left the state turning in circles about what to do next. First, the gory details. Last summer  ... MORE

Christopher Chantrill: The Optics Of Obama's Failures

Of socialized medicine, green energy and Keynesian economics. People are starting to worry that President Obama might be wobbling on his visionary "all of the above" program to bring on the green energy millennium, what with $5.00 gas in the Northeast states. But don't worry. Even though the administration will be changing its "optics" on energy by featuring   ... MORE