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Jeremy Carl: The Insane Campaign Of John Kasich

Donald Trump's useful idiot.   The GOP primary is a battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. This has been fairly obvious since at least Super Tuesday, and it is overwhelmingly obvious today. The campaign of John Kasich is a joke, and not a particularly funny one, unless you like humor at the expense of the GOP and conservatism. Yet the      ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Grow Up

A narcissist with followers. Of all the many things said about Donald Trump, what was said by Roger Ailes, head of the Fox News Channel, said it all in just two words: "Grow up!" It is amazing how many people have been oblivious to this middle-aged man's spoiled brat behavior, his childish boastfulness about things he says he is going to do, and his     ... MORE

Mychal Massie: The Establishment Vs. We The People

Don't fall for elites' 'consensus' argument, again.      Quoting journalist Lewis Lapham, Attorney John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote: “The shaping of the will of Congress and the choosing of the American president has become a privilege reserved to the country’s equestrian classes, aka the 20 [percent] of the population that   ... MORE

Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy

by Winton Hall.        A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." The startling study, titled "Testing Theories  ... MORE

Repubs Leaving Party Are Tired Of "Two Evils" Argument

Both parties relentless pimp big government.    A new study by the Frontier Lab, a conservative market research group, found that Republican voters who leave the party do so because they are are tired of being told to vote Republican as the "lesser of two evils." The study, "Switching Behavior: Modeling disaffiliation from the Republican   ... MORE

Frank Schell: Where Is Joan Baez When We Need Her?

It's the silent Gen Y that needs her most. Much of generation Y seems to sail in denial, like the skipper of the doomed schooner Hesperus who would not heed dire tocsins about the future and an impending hurricane. They seem oblivious about what is happening to nothing more or less important than their future. Those not in denial are in  ... MORE

Matt Welch: Toward A Libertarian Foreign Policy

Rand Paul moves the ball on a long-overdue project.       In October 2010, one month before a historic wave of Tea Party Republicans swept into power, Washington’s conservative establishment banded together to spread an urgent message to any would-be budget cutters on or near Capitol Hill: Hands off the military, kids. The $80 million  ... MORE

Some In GOP Argue For Repeal Of 17th Amendment

The way to return to states' rights.  A Senate candidate's comment about repealing the 17th Amendment has some people thumbing through their Constitutions and others talking about the issue of states' rights. Pete Hoekstra, a Republican, is a former House of Representatives member who is running in Michigan against an incumbent, Senator Debbie    ... MORE

Brian LaSorsa: What's So Bad About Discrimination

It's about private property, get over it.  About two months ago I mentioned my disappointment that Raleigh, NC lacked Southern culture, only to be informed in the comment section that true sweet-tea-drinking Southerners don't even consider the city to be part of the South. The longer I stay in this godforsaken place the better I understand  ... MORE