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Melody Gutierrez: Jerry Brown's Scheme To Grow Welfare And Fix Roads Will Cost California Taxpayers Big Time

$7 billion more to be spent on IHSS welfare expansion.  Gov. Jerry Brown doubled down on his calls for fiscal prudence as he delivered a State of the State speech Thursday that recounted what California has accomplished and proposed little in the way of new policies or programs. Instead, Brown said his focus this year will be on how the state   ... MORE

The Lights Of Times Square Are A Beautiful Thing

by Michael J. Hurd.  The dimmer could be turned on the bright lights of New York City as the Big Apple is facing pressure to remove its iconic oversized billboards from Times Square. A 2012 federal transportation law designated Times Square an ‘arterial route’. It means that the famous Broadway and 7th Avenue intersection falls under the 1965   ... MORE

What Happens When Libertarian Fantasies Become Reality?

by Daniel J. Mitchell. No, this post is not about that kind of fantasy. Instead, we’re dealing strictly with public policy and specifically addressing whether the libertarian agenda is unrealistic. This is because when I talk to people about libertarianism, they often will say something mildly supportive such as: “I like the idea of getting         ... MORE

Jeffrey Folks: Regulating The Roads, And Everything Else

Devastating regulation.   Aside from liberals in Washington and some at the New York Times, most economists agree that increased regulation strangles economic growth.  Exactly how this works can be demonstrated by a simple experiment. In a group of 25 individuals, assign one the task of arranging the remaining 24 persons in order of height by     ... MORE

John Stossel: Who'll Build The Roads?

Government planners vs the free market.     "Tea party members don't think there's a federal role in transportation!" complained Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, last week, near the site of a $5.8 million highway project. If only most tea party members were that radical. While Brown and other big-government folks worry that Republicans will     ... MORE

Mark Mitchell: Is The TSA Killing Us?

More take to the dangerous roads to avoid TSA hassle.  As we enter into the busiest travel time of the year, long lines at airport security are among the many peeves travelers will encounter. Some who seek to avoid the inconvenience of air travel will pack up their cars and hit the road. According to AAA, more Americans will be traveling  ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Market Failure

Market failure is bad, government failure is worse.