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Peter Suderman: ObamaCare Is Working Fine

As long as no one tries to use it.        In an op-ed for USA Today published yesterday evening, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius touted recent progress the Obamacare tech team has made on repair efforts to the health law’s troubled online insurance portal, “The site is running faster, it's         ... MORE

Robert W. Merry: The Real Purpose Of Obamacare

A steppingstone to single-payer.    President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is practically dead. Meanwhile, the old system it was meant to replace is dead. Thus, Americans face a long and bitter struggle over what kind of health care system they will have. Looking at it from Mr. Obama’s political philosophy, the situation isn’t all bad. True, he took     ... MORE

Brian Cates: The True Purpose Of ObamaCare

A single payer Trojan Horse.        The Affordable Care Act is already doing a fantastic job at it's true purpose: taking great health insurance plans away from people and replacing them with either a much higher-priced, inferior plan or....nothing. In all the discussion about ObamaCare, many people are missing the point about the true purpose of    ... MORE

Reid: Obamacare Just A Step Towards Single-Payer System

by Mark Tapscott.      Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Friday that  Obamacare isn't the final word in government health care reform, it's just a big step toward the real solution, which is a single-payer system. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Reid made that statement during an appearance on a Nevada PBS news discussion program:       ... MORE

VIDEO: Why U.S. Health Care Costs More Than Canada's

It is why a Mercedes Benz is more expensive than a Toyota corolla.

Michael J Hurd: Doctors For Socialized Medicine

Government-guaranteed insurance is like public school. This is perhaps my favorite line from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged with regard to doctors who support, or tolerate, socialized medicine: “Let them discover, in the operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hands of a man they have throttled. It is not safe,  ... MORE