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Chris Johncox: Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare

Sweden’s trademark universal healthcare on its deathbed. When leftists fantasize about Northern Europe, the first thing they think of is the region’s enormous public spending and its overly generous welfare state. However, as with all dreams, the time is coming to wake up. Along with several other social services, Sweden’s iconic “free”     ... MORE

Rick Manning; Donald Trump's Health Care Dance

Do issues still matter to Republican voters, or are they so mad at the failed GOP establishment that they have forgotten what made them mad in the first place? Donald Trump’s past flirtation with a nationalized government run health care system brings this question starkly into play. In his book, “The America We Deserve,” published in 2000,     ... MORE

Trump on 60 Minutes: “We Need Socialized Medicine”

by Emily Zanotti.         This weekend, I got my third health insurance cancellation notice in three years. First, they cancelled the wonderful individual plan we bought for ourselves before the Obamacare law kicked in, after threatening to raise the price on it by over 50%. Then, they cancelled the plan we selected from the then-nonworking     ... MORE

2/3 Of Obamacare Enrollees Unsatisfied With Coverage

by Tom Howell Jr.     Discovering the pig in the poke. Obamacare has offered insurance to millions of people, but they’re unhappy with the coverage they’re getting and are particularly upset about the costs, according to a survey released Monday that suggests the health care law continues to struggle to win over Americans. Just 30 percent of   ... MORE

Britain May Be Forced To Abandon Free Healthcare

by Bill Gardner.       Britain’s most senior doctor has said the under-pressure NHS may be forced to abandon the concept of free healthcare for all. Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS in England, said there were doubts over whether the taxpayer-funded model was “sustainable in the longer term”. He added that huge changes     ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Will The Left Defend Itself?

Multiculturalism and Sharia Law.  Leftists and progressives believe that the U.S. should become more like Europe. They praise Europe's massive welfare state, socialized medicine and stifling economic regulation and accept its unwillingness to defend itself against barbarism. I wonder whether America's leftists and progressives want to   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts On The Passing Scene

Exquisite observations from a national treasure. Will the Veterans Administration scandal wake up those people who have been blithely saying that what we need is a "single payer" system for medical care? Delays in getting to see a doctor have been a common denominator in government-run medical systems in England, Canada and     ... MORE

Sorry, Liberals: Obamacare Won’t Lead to Single Payer

by Peter Suderman.     If you spend any significant amount of time talking to conservative activists who oppose Obamacare, you’ll eventually hear some variant on the theory that Obamacare was never meant to work. Instead, it was meant to destroy the existing health care system, and in the process pave the way for liberals to step in with the   ... MORE

Peggy Noonan: The Grinch Who Stole Health Care

You know what I am talking about.       This is the year that the Democrats "have blown up the American health-care system." The quote is from Peggy Noonan's qualified approval of the Ryan-Murray copout. You see, back in the golden age of George W. Bush, Democrats were mad as hell. How could the American people be so stupid,        ... MORE

VIDEO: FOX NEWS - Inflicting Obamacare On Physicians

And a painful reality for patients.

The Legacy Of Obama's Health Care Lies

by Peter Suderman.     Less than a week before the October launch of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, President Obama delivered a speech in Largo, Maryland explaining how the new health care would work, and what Americans in different circumstances could expect. “Even before the Affordable Care Act fully takes effect, about 85  ... MORE

Peter Suderman: ObamaCare Is Working Fine

As long as no one tries to use it.        In an op-ed for USA Today published yesterday evening, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius touted recent progress the Obamacare tech team has made on repair efforts to the health law’s troubled online insurance portal, “The site is running faster, it's         ... MORE

Robert W. Merry: The Real Purpose Of Obamacare

A steppingstone to single-payer.    President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is practically dead. Meanwhile, the old system it was meant to replace is dead. Thus, Americans face a long and bitter struggle over what kind of health care system they will have. Looking at it from Mr. Obama’s political philosophy, the situation isn’t all bad. True, he took     ... MORE

Brian Cates: The True Purpose Of ObamaCare

A single payer Trojan Horse.        The Affordable Care Act is already doing a fantastic job at it's true purpose: taking great health insurance plans away from people and replacing them with either a much higher-priced, inferior plan or....nothing. In all the discussion about ObamaCare, many people are missing the point about the true purpose of    ... MORE