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Walter E Williams: Multiculturalism Is A Failure

Western culture and values are superior.     German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that in Germany, multiculturalism has "utterly failed." Both Australia's ex-prime minister John Howard and Spain's ex-prime minister Jose Maria Aznar reached the same conclusion about multiculturalism in their countries. British Prime Minister      ... MORE

VIDEO: Liberty and Equality

J.D. Tuccille: The Right To Take (Even Really Stupid) Risks

The beauty of self-determination.         There's nothing like the feeling of a motorcycle sliding out from beneath you on a busy thoroughfare to focus the mind beautifully on the value of life. As your ass bounces from the cushioned seat toward the hard tarmac with the screech of unseen cars slamming on their brakes to your rear, you have   ... MORE

J. Robert Smith: Crush Phil Robertson, Crush Free Speech

Should political correctness trump individual rights?      Poor Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty" star. He had the temerity to express opinions to GQ about homosexuality that landed him crosswise the nation's gay jackboots. Out came the truncheons, whacking not just Phil over the head, but anyone, anywhere, who has anything to do     ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Tea Party At The Crossroads

Just what is in their rational self-interest?      Third parties have had an unbroken record of failure in American presidential politics. So it was refreshing to see in the Tea Party an insurgent movement, mainly of people who were not professional politicians, but who nevertheless had the good sense to see that their only chance of getting their    ... MORE

Star Parker: A New Birth Of Education Freedom

Court rules Indiana parents are free to choose.   As the nation has focused on the Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, news from the state of Indiana could prove far more important regarding the nation’s future. The Indiana Supreme Court has just ruled unanimously, 5-0, that Indiana’s school voucher     ... MORE

Allyson Mitchell: Obama Making Up Drone Rules As He Goes

Americans need transparency of conventional warfare.     The Obama administration has not yet answered concerns regarding the secrecy, legality and efficacy of the drone warfare program. During the presidential elections, to avoid leaving business unfinished, a last-minute effort surfaced in the White House to create a secret rule      ... MORE

VIDEO: The Morality Of Using Force To Distribute Wealth

Philip DeFranco is uncomfortable thinking about government and morality.

E Spitzer: We Must Defend Even The Ugliest Free Speech

-- Especially when there are riots. At the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly this week, plenty of voices will be heard, including that of the hateful president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and not one of those voices will be censored. Rarely has the value of free speech been so threatened. The arc of the unfortunate story is now well-told:    ... MORE

Rich Tucker: Limits On Free Speech? A Dangerous Message

So much for American values.       Diplomats abroad represent the government of the United States. They must, therefore, speak with tact, but also with honesty. After all, most of the people they’re speaking to have no firsthand experience with the U.S. Our diplomats are teaching foreigners about America. In fact, the “primary purpose of United States     ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: A Powerful Movie

Insight into the messiah.    Years, and sometimes decades, pass between my visits to movie theaters. But I drove 30 miles to see the movie "2016," based on Dinesh D'Souza's best-selling book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage." Where I live is so politically correct that such a movie would not even be mentioned, much less shown. Every seat in the theater... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Stressed? Are You Disabled?

Liberalism is a mental illness. Government worker: “Do you have a disability?” Man: “No.” Man’s wife: “What does he get if he’s disabled?” Government worker: “His monthly payments will [double].” Man’s wife: “Well, then he’s disabled.” Government worker (to man): “What’s your disability?” Man: “I’m stressed.”       ... MORE

James S Robbins: The Coming American Counterrevolution

A divided nation faces down fundamental change.  The partisan divide in the United States may be past the point of no return. It could well be a symptom of greater changes in the American polity that herald the advent of potentially revolutionary change. On Monday, the Pew Research Center issued its annual report on American values, which revealed ... MORE

Brian Phillips: Individual Rights And Government Wrongs

The right to the pursuit of happiness means just that.   What does happiness mean to you? Does it mean a career that you love? Does it mean a family? Does it mean discovering a cure for some horrible disease? Does it mean building your dream house? No matter your answer, only you can determine what will bring you satisfaction, joy, and happiness ... MORE