Matt Holzmann: Our Growing Police State

As crime rates drop, police powers grow at alarming rate. Last week, the FBI released its preliminary crime statistics for the first half of 2011, and across the nation violent crimes dropped 6.7% while property crimes dropped 3.7%. This continues a downward trend that dates back to the 1970's. Many of the violent crimes reported this year have been   ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - When Presidents Go Bad

Larry Gabriel: War On The War On Drugs

One trillion dollars wasted and counting.   When I started writing this column a little more than a year ago, I thought medical marijuana was a thinly veiled cover for folks who wanted to legalize the substance. Not that I opposed the notion, nor did I doubt that marijuana has medical value — I've seen it stop nausea in people who couldn't keep any food down and ... MORE

VIDEO: Understanding The American Federal Debt Limit

NY Post: How The Feds Are Tracking Your Kid

The prying eyes of big government.   Would it bother you to know that the federal Centers for Disease Control had been shown your daughter’s health records to see how she responded to an STD/teen-pregnancy-prevention program? How about if the federal Department of Education and Department of Labor scrutinized your son’s academic performance ... MORE

Tim Cavanaugh: I, Panel

Solyndra's story, with apologies to Leon Read.  I am a solar panel—not the ordinary flat solar panel familiar to all boys and girls and adults who hope for greener energy sources. I’m actually much more sophisticated and much less useful than those. I’m a cylindrical-tube panel manufactured by Fremont, California-based Solyndra LLC.  According to my creators ... MORE

John Stossel: A Libertarian Year Ahead?

As 2011 draws to a close, I wonder: Is freedom winning? Did America become freer this year? Less free? How about the rest of the world? I'm a pessimist. I fear Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." That's what's happened. Bush and Obama doubled spending and  ... MORE

Andrew B. Wilson: Freedom Vs. Fairness

Will America succumb to the politics of envy?    As the third of seven children, I grew up in a family where fairness issues were constantly bubbling to the surface. It did us no good. Each of us pleaded in vain for relief from the unequal division of household chores and duties. And complain though we would, we couldn't stop the sometimes uneven   ... MORE

VIDEO: How To Save a Treehouse from a Zoning Board

M. Brownfield: How Would Americans Help The Economy?

The answer is less government.  Throughout his presidency — and especially over the last year — Barack Obama has turned toward a bigger federal government as the answer for fixing the U.S. economy. According to a new poll, though, that’s the last thing Americans want. Rather, they want to see the government cut deficits, spending, and taxes. Rasmussen ... MORE

VIDEO: Paul Harvey - You Can't Come Inside

The Unintended Consequences Of Internet Regulation

by Rob Bluey. Would you be outraged if the Department of Justice shut down The Foundry without any warning and blocked access for more than a year? That’s exactly what happened to a hip-hop blog called, which was falsely accused of criminal copyright infringement. The blog posted music from artists promoting their work. But federal    ... MORE

William McGurn: Taxing Kim Kardashian

Progressives want to spend more of her money.     Poor Kim Kardashian. Well, poor may not be the right word. By all accounts—especially those she televises for her reality shows—Ms. Kardashian manages quite comfortably on her income. According to the New York Post, that includes as much as $17.9 million that she raked in for her well-publicized August ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - In Defense Of Free Speech

Tim Mak: Internet Censor Bill To Target Political Websites

SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers.   The conservative and liberal blogospheres are unifying behind opposition to Congress’s Stop Online Piracy Act, with right-leaning bloggers aruging their very existence could be wiped out if the anti-piracy bill passes. “If either the U.S. Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA) & the U.S. House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) ... MORE

VIDEO: The Unbelievable Truth About Sweatshops

Walter E Williams: The Camel's Nose In The Tent

Gullible Americans keep believing the political lies.    National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman has called for states to mandate a total ban on cellphone usage while driving. She has also encouraged electronics manufacturers — via recommendations to the CTIA-The Wireless Association and the Consumer Electronics Association .. MORE

Chuck Goudie: Have A Politically Correct Holiday Season!

Field days for the grievance industry.   Here we are, uncomfortably sandwiched between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which, according to top officials at PC Police Headquarters, are the two most politically incorrect holidays on the calendar. One celebrates the birthday of a child born out of wedlock, promotes exorbitant gift giving and contributes to ... MORE

New 2012 Laws: No Caffeine In Beer, No Shark Fins In Soup

You can't do that ! Starting Jan. 1, getting shark fins, caffeinated beer, cough syrup or a tan is going to be tougher than it was in 2011. The National Conference of State Legislatures issued Monday its annual list of laws set to take effect in 2012, and there was nothing but bad news for connoisseurs of shark-fin soup. Oregon and California passed laws prohibiting the sale ... MORE

VIDEO: A Moment of Epic Proportions

Tim Worstall: Minimum Wage Proven To Be Too High

Youth unemployment proves it.  The argument about minimum wages sadly usually consists of two groups of people entirely talking past each other. On the one, wrong, side those who insist that any minimum wage at all is going to mean immediate mass unemployment. On the other, wrong again, side, those who insist that a minimum wage has no effect on   ... MORE

VIDEO: Death to Pennies

Doctors Agree ObamaCare Is No Remedy For Health Woes

by Sally Piper, Pacific Research Institute.  America’s doctors have conducted a full examination of the president’s health reform law — and their diagnosis of its effects on our healthcare system isn’t good. Nearly two-thirds of doctors expect the quality of care in this country to decline, according to a new survey from consulting giant Deloitte. Just 27 ... MORE

Jim Cardoza: Ron Paul & The 100 MPH Train

LibertyPen's endorsement of Ron Paul.   GOP leaders prefer Mitt Romney to be their party's nominee. They see him as the most electable, in part because he is the most moderate. The media prefers Newt Gingrich. As big government devotees, they want more Obama and believe the nomination of Newt best serves that purpose. The tea party movement, which   ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - The Money Of Fools

LA Times: TSA Screenings Not Just For Airports Anymore

Terror checkpoints doing more inflicting than detecting.   Rick Vetter was rushing to board the Amtrak train in Charlotte, N.C., on a recent Sunday afternoon when a canine officer suddenly blocked the way. Three federal air marshals in bulletproof vests and two officers trained to spot suspicious behavior watched closely as Seiko, a German shepherd ... MORE

VIDEO: America's Fourth Greatest President

Emily Miller: Firing Back At Gun Control

Congress muzzles funds to weaken 2nd Amendment. The Obama administration’s anti-gun agenda, which has been sneaking into the federal bureaucracy in recent years, was blasted by Congress last week. Republicans used the $1 trillion omnibus bill for 2012 to shoot back at the sneaky use of federal funds for gun control. One sentence in the 2,100-page ... MORE

Eric Peters: Here Comes Santa's Last Run

Right down Nanny State Lane.  Santa's been running late because of all the speed traps and sobriety checks out there. Not to mention the endless meetings with his legal team to make sure the factory's in compliance with the latest workplace safety rules -- and the elves happy with the terms of their latest contract. Thank God the sleigh doesn't have to have a catalytic ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Real Problem

Barry Farber: Occupiers Are Not Heroes, Just Marxists

Mice striving to be rats.     How dare Time magazine link real freedom fighters of the Middle East with the sorry bunch of American "protesters" who shared Time's Person-of-the-Year honors? Whatever happened to the Time magazine that emblazoned its cover in 1956 with the genuinely heroic anti-Communist Hungarian freedom fighters? Protesters in Syria daily... MORE

VIDEO: 17 Miles in Just 78 Minutes!

New Ideas Or Fidelity To Old Principles?

by Andrew Napolitano.   If you've been watching cable television regularly, you've heard from many analysts who know Newt Gingrich personally. They either call him the smartest man in the room or they tell us Gingrich believes he's the smartest man in the room. Gingrich has always been a government ideas man, and whenever he says something odd ... MORE

Conko & Miller: The FDA Vs. Commercial Speech

Agency puts doctors and patients at risk.  The ability of physicians to prescribe approved medicines for purposes not sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the most important elements of medical care in the United States. These “off-label” uses are perfectly legal, and doctors rely on them extensively. But the agency views   ... MORE

VIDEO: Cronyism in America

Taxpayers Cough Up $250K Per Vehicle For Chevy Volt

Department of Energy uses tax dollars to fuel idiocy again. Each Chevy Volt sold thus far may have as much as $250,000 in state and federal dollars in incentives behind it – a total of $3 billion altogether, according to an analysis by James Hohman, assistant director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Hohman looked at total state and federal  ... MORE

50 Facts About The U.S. Economy That Will Shock You

The situation is bad -- very bad.   “Even though most Americans have become very frustrated with this economy, the reality is that the vast majority of them still have no idea just how bad our economic decline has been or how much trouble we are going to be in if we don’t make dramatic changes immediately,” writes The Economic Collapse (TEC).   ... MORE

VIDEO: Free Speech vs. Government Tyranny

Local government makes public display of contempt for individual liberty.

John Stossel: Job Creators Fighting Back

Some politicians claim that politicians create jobs.   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, "My job is to create jobs." What hubris! Government has no money of its own. All it does is take from some people and give to others. That may create some jobs, but only by leaving less money in the private sector for job creation. Actually, it's worse than that. Since government ... MORE

Jeffrey Folks: The EPA's Unconscionable War On Fracking

Government agency runs roughshod over the law.    The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that "no person shall be ... deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law." For government to harm investors in a private business by bringing false charges against that business is most certainly a violation of the Fifth  ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - The Case For Austerity

Denial is should not be an economic policy. 
"We must swallow the bitter pill of austerity now on our own terms, while we are still the undisputed leader of the free world and while we still have a Constitution."

Why Ron Paul's Surge Is Making Them Nervous

by Jacob Horneberger.  While big government statists in both the Republican and Democrat parties remain mystified over Ron Paul's surge in the polls in Iowa, the ones who seem most confounded by this phenomenon are members of the mainstream media, who themselves are statist to the core. They just can't figure out how it's possible that increasing numbers of  ... MORE

VIDEO: A Very TSA Christmas

Walter E Williams: China Trade -- Myths vs. Reality

Congress, not China, is causing our unemployment.   Republicans and Democrats, liberals as well as conservatives, have bought into anti-Chinese trade demagoguery. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that tariffs against China are a "key part of our 'Make It in America' agenda." During his 2010 campaign, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Restraining Orders

Unconstitutional restrictions on our freedom to travel.    Steve Bierfeldt, director of development for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, thought he was having a good day. At a regional Campaign for Liberty event in Missouri, Bierfeldt had sold thousands of dollars worth of conference tickets, bumper stickers, T-shirts, and books, and was now in the security line at ... MORE

VIDEO: European Crisis Explained

Feds Want Medical Marijuana Patients To Lose Rights

AFT wants to prohibit patients from protecting themselves.   If you are a medical marijuana patient in one of the 16 states (plus the District of Columbia) that allow for it, you’ve got reason to believe lately that the government has it in for you. You’ve got federal raids on the places where you can conveniently buy your medicine, the governor of Arizona  ... MORE

VIDEO: Nullification, The Rightful Remedy (Movie Trailer)

Jeb Bush: Capitalism And The Right To Rise

The risk of failure vs. the certainty of stagnation.   Congressman Paul Ryan recently coined a smart phrase to describe the core concept of economic freedom: "The right to rise." Think about it. We talk about the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to assembly. The right to rise doesn't seem like something we should have to protect. But we do.    ... MORE

AFP: Attorney General Holder Tied To OKC Bombers

He provided the explosives to Nichols and McVeigh.  Eric Holder, current attorney general of the United States, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, according to official documents released during the ongoing ... MORE

David Hogberg: Walter Williams For Christmas

His autobiography is a great American story.   "Racial discriminatory preferences do not explain all they are purported to explain" is the central theme in economist Walter Williams' new book, Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination? That's not surprising to anyone familiar with Williams' work. However, it is somewhat puzzling given his background ... MORE

VIDEO: FDR - Hard Times Redux

Wayne Allyn Root: Obama's New Math Is A Job Killer

President must have missed class on subtraction. President Obama’s math skills leave something to be desired. As a matter of fact, based on Mr. Obama’s recent interview on “60 Minutes,” the president deserves a grade of F in math. When confronted by the reporter with the reality that his economic stimulus package failed, he decided to lie to the American   ... MORE

VIDEO: The Methodical Enslavement of Americans

Jacob G. Hornberger: Vision Of A Free Society

The answers that freedom provides.   If we abolish public schooling, then how will the poor be educated? If drug laws are repealed, won't everyone go on drugs? If Social Security is abolished, won't old people starve to death? If we don't have Medicare and Medicaid, how would anyone afford decent medical care? If we don't have licensing, won't quacks be performing heart ... MORE

Nick Bilton: iPads For Me, But Not For Ye

FAA gives pilots thumbs up, passengers thumbs down.     The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday that pilots on American Airlines flights would be allowed to use iPads instead of paper flight manuals in the cockpit starting Friday, as reported by ZDNet, even during takeoff and landing. But passengers are still required to shut down anything with  ... MORE

VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Entitlements Are Not Rights

People are not born with a claim on the production of others.

Damon W. Root: The EPA Vs. The Constitution

High Court prepares to hear major 5th Amendment case.   The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” This means that if the government infringes on your rights, you are entitled to mount a timely and meaningful defense of those rights in court. It’s one of the  ... MORE

ViDEO: Ron Paul Knows What Davy Crockett Learned

A lesson few politicians grasp.

Jerry Hirsch: California Launches War Against Oil Changes

Legislative nannies gone wild.   Many automobile owners are spending more than they need on motor oil, believing that it should be changed every 3,000 miles even though almost no manufacturer requires such an aggressive oil-change schedule. The long-held notion that the oil should be changed every 3,000 miles is so prevalent that California officials have launched a    ... MORE

WSJ Editorial: Regulation For Dummies

Obama's regulatory surge has hamstrung the economy. The White House is on the political offensive, and one of its chief claims is that it isn't the overregulator of business and Republican lore. This line has been picked up by impressionable columnists, so it's a good time to consider the evidence in some detail. Jan Eberly, an Assistant Treasury Secretary, kicked ... MORE

VIDEO: Ending the Global Drug War takes hard look at one war on liberty.   "Ever since the War on Drugs, everything has hit the fan," says Romesh Bhattacharji, former Narcotics Commissioner of India. Rather than continue the unnecessary and costly drug war. Last month, at the Cato Institute's "Ending the Global War on Drugs" conference, Bhattacharji's sentiments were echoed by ex-drug czars, cops, politicians, intellectuals, liberal and conservative journalists, and even the former President of Brazil.

Walter E Williams: Economic Fairness

Who defines fairness? The most prevalent theme in President Barack Obama's Dec. 6 Osawatomie, Kan., speech was the need for greater "fairness." In fact, though the president never defined the term fair(ness), he used it 15 times. Explaining his new hero, Teddy Roosevelt, Obama said: "But Roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take ... MORE

VIDEO: Speaking Without Government Permission

Tom McClintock: Job Creation Is No Mystery

Government regulation kills jobs.  The government's continuing failure to address our nation's gut-wrenching unemployment stems from a fundamental disagreement over how jobs are created in the first place. We are now in the third year of policies predicated on the assumption that government spending creates jobs. We have squandered three years and trillions of dollars ... MORE

John Brennan: Taxation By Citation

Its about tyranny, control and trolling for revenue, not safety. Years ago, at its inception, the Internal Revenue Service, was duly deputized as the primary government agency responsible for collecting all personal and business taxes. The IRS, as it is referred to by most, has, over the years, grown into a mammoth operation. Steadily and methodically ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Political Free Speech

Carpe Diem: Government Spending Vs Unemployment

The chart of the day.    "This chart (inspired by Brian Wesbury) again bears repeating since it lends support to claims by the anti-Keynesians (of which I am one) that the biggest factor that has worked to slow economic growth in recent years is the huge increase in federal spending. The reason? The public sector spends money much less efficiently than the private sector.    ... MORE

VIDEO: U.S. Antidumping Rules Kill American Jobs

a presentation of the CATO Institute.

Daily Mail: Predator Drones Used By Domestic Police

North Dakota family targeted by militaristic vehicles.   Meet the Brossarts, a North Dakota family deemed so dangerous that the local sheriff needed to unleash an unmanned Predator drone to help bring them in. The Brossart's alleged crime? They wouldn't give back three cows and their calves that wandered onto their 3,000-acre farm this summer. The same aerial ... MORE

Internet Piracy Bill Would Be A Free Speech Kill Switch

by Bill Wilson. What began as an attempt to restrain foreign piracy on the Internet has morphed into a domestic “kill switch” on First Amendment freedom in the fastest-growing corner of the marketplace of ideas. Proposed federal legislation purporting to protect online intellectual property would also impose sweeping new government mandates on internet service providers  ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - What They Can't Control

Jerry Brown's Disastrous Plan For California

by Steven Greenhut. Gov. Jerry Brown last Monday released “An Open Letter to the People of California,” in which he called for the state’s taxpayers to approve tax-raising initiatives to “fix” the state’s structural deficit. Here is the letter and my translation of what Brown really meant to say. Brown: When I became governor again … California was facing a  ... MORE

VIDEO: Media Admits Ron Paul Could Win

Richard M. Salsman: Capitalism Isn't Corporatism

What is capitalism, exactly?  Capitalism is the greatest socio-economic system in human history, because it’s so moral and so productive – the two features so essential to human survival and flourishing. It’s moral because it enshrines and fosters rationality and self-interest – “enlightened greed,” if you will – the two key virtues we all must consciously adopt and practice if ... MORE

U.S. Agents Launder Big Bucks For Drug Cartels

40,000 deaths since 2006
from the New York Times.    Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials. The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of   ... MORE

VIDEO: Barry Goldwater - To The Future From The Past

James Kellogg: EPA Has No Business Regulating Fracking

EPA continues its war against domestic energy.   Domestic natural gas provides nearly 25 percent of electricity in the United States. This proportion stands to increase as additional shale gas deposits become accessible due to the combination of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). This vast resource can provide the nation with  ... MORE

ViDEO: The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

Sheldon Richman: Who's Afraid Of Friedrich Hayek?

Economist has modern critics running scared. I’m sensing some panic in the air. Certain people seem mighty concerned that other people are...discovering Hayek. As a W. S. Gilbert character might say, Oh horror! Economics and business reporter David Warsh is getting much attention for suggesting that F. A. Hayek, far from being one of the two most  ... MORE