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In Iowa, Braiding Hair Risks Heavy Fines, Even Jail Time

by Nick Sibilla.   Achan Agit is no stranger to oppression. Born in what is now South Sudan, Achan was forced to flee her homeland in 2001 during the Second Sudanese Civil War. After living in Egypt as a refugee for three years (amid rampant xenophobia and racism), in 2004, she came to the United States and became a lawful permanent resident.   ... MORE

Volkswagen’s Cheating Was Not Selfish But Self Destructive

by Jaana Woiceshyn.      Media coverage of Volkswagen’s astounding emissions-rigging scandal continues, for a good reason: the company’s (the executive’s who authorized the cheating and of all those who went along with it) immoral conduct led the company’s share price to fall by 35%, and the company can now expect $18 billion in fines as well as     ... MORE

Republican Party Realizes It Has A Donald Trump Problem

by Peter Suderman.   Wait a minute—is Donald Trump actually going to win the Republican presidential nomination? All throughout the summer, critics (including me) dismissed Trump as a novelty item—amusing for a moments, but thoroughly disposable and certain to be disposed of. But now it’s the end of October, and Trump is still leading the GOP    ... MORE

Is Safety Just A Pretense? How One Police Dept Racked Up 1700 Citations Deploying Questionable DUI Checkpoints

by Angela Caputo.  On an unseasonably cool summer evening last year, Berwyn police officers stood at Ogden and East avenues eyeing cars as they crawled through a roadside check. The officers were working a special night DUI patrol, looking for bloodshot eyes, signs of drug use and vehicle violations like expired tags and broken lights, stopping vehicles   ... MORE

Are Elections Held For The Purpose Of Venting Emotions?

by Thomas Sowell.   Why have elections? In a country with more than 300 million people, it is remarkable how obsessed the media have become with just one — Donald Trump. What is even more remarkable is that, after six years of repeated disasters, both domestically and internationally, under a glib egomaniac in the White House, so many potential  ... MORE

Police Violence Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Being Pulled Over For Not Signaling A Lane Change in Texas

by Ed Krayewski.      Earlier this month, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was pulled over for allegedly failing to signal a lane change by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper near the Prairie View A&M campus. She had driven there from her home in Naperville, Illinois, for a new job at her alma mater. Police accused her of being combative during    ... MORE

The Likely Cause Of Addiction Has Been Discovered

by Johann Hari.    And, it is not what you think. It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned -- and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. It seems obvious. It seems     ... MORE

No One Owes You Anything

Harry Browne's christmas gift to his 9-year-old.   Every once in a while you come across something that really sticks with you. You read the article, and it wrenches your mind in a direction that you are unfamiliar with. It leads to an “ah-ha!” moment. A few weeks ago, I came across one of these. Harry Browne, former Libertarian Party      ... MORE

We’re Asking The Wrong Question About Police Shootings

by Radley Balko.  The video below depicts the fatal police shooting of 38-year-old Jason Harrison in Dallas last year. Harrison’s mother had told the police that her son had been making threats, and that he was “bipolar schizo.” Police officials have previously said the body camera video backs up the officers’ accounts of self-defense, showing a fast-    ...  MORE

Thomas Sowell: The 'Disparate Impact' Racket

Group disparities are common.     The U.S. Department of Justice issued two reports last week, both growing out of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown. The first report, about "the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson" ought to be read by every American. It says in plain English what facts  ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Obama Vs Us

Check your premises. Suppose you saw a person driving his car on the wrong side of a highway, against the traffic. Would you call him a stupid and/or incompetent driver? You say, "Williams, what kind of question is that? Of course he's one or the other!" I'd say, "Hold your horses. What are his intentions?" If the driver's intentions are to cause highway    ... MORE

Ann McFeatters: Those Revenue-Generating Traffic Cams

Something we all can hate.        Finally. An issue that unites both rabid Democrats and rabid Republicans: Those demon traffic cameras. Not too long ago in the otherwise very nice state of Ohio, on a quiet Sunday morning with no other cars in sight, I made a right-turn-on-red maneuver after slowing to 2 mph. A traffic camera caught me. A few weeks  ... MORE