Shikha Dalmia: Obama's Taxing Psychology

Obama needs the Gandhi Rule, not the Buffett Rule. President Obama has been on the stump condemning Senate Republicans for the defeat of the so-called Buffett Rule, his plan to make high-earning Americans pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. The naysayers, Obama thunders, chose “once again to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest ... MORE

Thomas Sowell - What Is 'Racist'?

Of race, lies and media.    Whatever the ultimate outcome of the case against George Zimmerman for his shooting of Trayvon Martin, what has happened already is enough to turn the stomach of anyone who believes in either truth or justice. An amazing proportion of the media has given us a painful demonstration of the thinking — and lack of thinking — that  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - The Case For Insider Trading

Katie Kieffer: Amazon Is Obama's Mistress

President Obama has a mistress.    Her name is Amazon. Whereas former Presidents Kennedy and Clinton rendezvoused with female interns, Obama rendezvous with an e-commerce company. Amazon currently monopolizes e-book sales, controlling 60 percent of the market. And, like a jealous lover, Obama is suing Amazon’s competitors in order to    ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Devious Taxation

The dynamics of an uneven tax burden.  The Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation does a yeoman's job of keeping track of how much we're paying in taxes and who's paying what. It turns out that American taxpayers worked this year from Jan. 1 to April 17, 107 days, to earn enough money to pay their federal, state and local tax bills. That statistic requires   ... MORE

VIDEO: Drug Lord Thanks Obama, Bush, & Reagan

Jacob Sullum: FIRE, Firefly, And The First Amendment

Fighting censorship on campus.   James Miller, a theater professor at the University of Wisconsin in Stout, is a fan of Firefly, Joss Whedon’s short-lived science fiction series. Evidently Lisa A. Walter, the school’s chief of police, is not. After Miller put a Firefly poster on his office door last September, Walter removed it, explaining in an email message that   ... MORE

Katie Pavlich: Free Market Makes America Great

Not government.    Sorry Occupy, the majority of Americans believe capitalism and a free market made this country great, not the government, despite President Obama recently crediting the government with American success. Obama cited a series of government "investments." Obama said that Republicans have "one message and that is, we're going to make sure ... MORE

Scott Lemieux: All The State's Spies

Will crony capitalists become government spies?     Congress is seriously considering a bill called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Intended to allow information sharing both between corporations and between corporations and the government, it presents serious dangers to individual privacy. The most important parts of ... MORE

Paul Stanley: Pelosi, Democrats Seek To Limit Free Speech

An assault on the First Amendment.   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other congressional Democrats are throwing their support behind an effort to overturn a Supreme Court ruling despite warnings by critics that the effort would severely limit free speech. In 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled in the case Citizens United ... MORE

VIDEO: Harry Browne - Defining Morality

Mike Riggs: 4 Industries Getting Rich Off The Drug War

Those who are profiting from "crime."   In a 2011 interview, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that legalization is “not likely to work” because “there is just too much money in it.” Clinton was talking about cartels, but the same holds true for the legal industries that owe their profit margins, market shares, and—in some cases—very existence to the war on drugs.     ... MORE

National Review: Free John Edwards

The questionable prosecution of John Edwards. John Edwards, the Dorian Gray of the Democratic party, is one of the most loathsome characters in American politics, corrupt himself and a source of corruption in others, a preening, moralizing fraud who went so far as to have a staffer claim paternity of the illegitimate child he fathered with a campaign contractor.    ... MORE

VIDEO: Who Was America's Greatest President?

Libertarian economist Murray Rothbard's answer WILL surprise you.

Doug Casey: Sociopathy Is Running The U.S.

When demise becomes "a mat ter of psychology."    I recently wrote an article that addresses the subject of sociopaths and how they insinuate themselves into society. Although the subject doesn't speak directly to what stock you should buy or sell to increase your wealth, I think it's critical to success in the markets. It goes a long way ... MORE

Ross Kaminsky: A Dark Day For Solar Power

An unaffordable feel-good luxury.  First Solar Corporation was indeed first at something: It was the first solar company to lose more than $15 billion of market value. FSLR's stock plummeted from $140 per share a year ago, and $170 a few weeks before that, to under $21 per share early this week before rebounding modestly on Tuesday. In fact $15 billion ... MORE

Greg Beato: The Gun Explosion

Why the firearms boom is good news for our economy.  In a February 2012 fund-raising appearance, President Barack Obama expressed his desire to keep America’s assembly lines humming. “I want to make sure the next generation of manufacturing isn’t taking root just in Asia or Europe,” he told a crowd of supporters. “I want it taking root in  ... MORE

Michael Bargo Jr: A Battle Democrats Cannot Afford To Win

Actions speak louder than words. There is one project that liberals never complete -- a task that is talked about all the time, especially during campaigns, but for some reason just can't get done. It is "making the rich pay their fair share" of taxes.  Somehow, even though President Obama and his party found the time to write ObamaCare and a huge plan of ... MORE

VIDEO: James Delingpole - Don't Fear Global Warming

Lee A. Helig: Watching the Watchers

Somehow, we knew this day would come. Congress and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are partnering with legislation and execution of the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles for use by law enforcement agencies across the country. Recent advancements in reducing the weight, size and related costs of sophisticated aerial  ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: A Government Of Waste

A vast, lawless wasteland.  What can we learn from allegations against a half-dozen supervisors in the Government Services Administration for wasting, and perhaps stealing, taxpayer dollars on foolishness in Las Vegas, and against a dozen Secret Service agents for dangerously procuring prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, while there to prepare for a   ... MORE

VIDEO: Too Much Copyright

John Stossel: The Economy Needs No Conductor

We spend too much time waiting for orders   —and money—from Washington. The collapse of the housing bubble gave politicians a license to do what they wanted to do all along: spend. The usual checks on extravagance, weak as they are, were washed away. Budgets? We’ll worry about that later. Inflation? We’ll worry about that later. As I point out ... MORE

F. Vincent Vernuccio: Compulsory 'Free' Speech

How unions turn the meaning of words upside down.   What is free speech? Is it the right to speak out and give money to causes, politicians and push ideas? Is it the ability to keep silent and not support that with which a person disagrees? Or is it the power of a group to force its individual members to fund political causes and candidates they do ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Mixing Ignorance And Democracy

Mindlessly exercising a right.  This is an election year, which means all of us will spend the next few months carefully following the campaigns, finding out all we can about the candidates' proposals and pondering what issues are most vital for the nation's future. Just kidding. Most of us wouldn't do that if you Tased us to within an inch of our lives. In fact,     ... MORE

Dunn & Milloy: EPA's Faulty Science Can Be Stopped

Time to rein in unreliable, irresponsible and outrageous claims. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-sponsored and funded "human health effects science" research is unreliable and makes irresponsible and outrageous claims about how air pollution causes thousands of deaths. Then the EPA claims that it can prevent those deaths with its     ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Rethinking The Drug War

Janet Levy: Shredding the Constitution

Public servants have morphed themselves into masters. The U.S. Constitution, which has guided American society for over two centuries, inspiring nations worldwide and serving as a model for governance, is under serious threat today. Ironically, that threat comes from the very individuals charged with protecting the Constitution -- federal, state, and local  ... MORE

Crony Capitalism & The Expansive Central State

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds.   Crony capitalism arises when an expansive Central State dominates the economy.The Central State can then protect crony-capitalist perquisites, cartels, quasi-monopolies and financialization skimming operations of the sort which now dominate the U.S. economy's primary profit centers.  If we step back, the larger ... MORE

VIDEO: Let The Private Space Race Begin

Kevin Glass: Tax Code Cost Taxpayers $228 Billion

So says the latest new study. The National Taxpayers Union put out a policy paper looking at the increasing complexity in the tax code and came up with some shocking results. Americans spent over six billion hours filing their taxes this year and used professionals to figure the tax code out for them at an alarming rate. The study, "A Taxing Trend: The Rise In ... MORE

Leonard Pitts Jr: Obama Off Base On Drug Legalization

Is Obama anti-Black? If President Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. So the president famously said. And the president's son would thereby find himself at significantly greater risk of running afoul of the so-called "War on Drugs" than, say, a son of George W. Bush. Depending on what state he lived in, a Trayvon Obama might be 57 times more   ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: From Hackers To Slackers

How to prosecute almost anyone with a computer.   If you are reading this column online at work, you may be committing a federal crime. Or so says the Justice Department, which reads the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) broadly enough to encompass personal use of company computers as well as violations of fine-print website rules that    ... MORE

Holman W. Jenkins Jr: The Inequality Obsession

Do we want to persuade the rich to report less income?  If it were learned that the car driven by the average American is 10 times more likely to burst into flames than the car driven by the richest 1%, what should the policy response be? Should it be to mandate that cars driven by the rich burst into flames more often? Income inequality is a strange obsession, at least ... MORE

VIDEO: FOX NEWS - Spy Gear For Repressive Regimes

Richard Epstein: Term Limits For Judges

Why should politicians in robes be treated differently?     In Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton famously argued that the federal courts were “the least dangerous” branch of government. What he did not understand was that they also proved, over time, to be the worst constructed. The problems here start at the top and work their way down to the  ... MORE

3 Crucial Things About The Apple Antitrust Case

by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins. Just when Apple was introducing its latest iPad, the government announced that Apple was among six companies being investigated over ebook pricing. As that investigation appears to be nearing its conclusion, here are three things everyone needs to know about the case. 1. The government is targeting voluntary agreements  ... MORE

VIDEO: How To Look At The 2012 Election

Washington Times: Making Tax Day Worse

Dems push more expensive and complicated system. Americans who thought Tax Day was bad this year could find it far worse next year. Tuesday happens to be Tax Freedom Day, the date by which taxpayers have earned enough to pay off Uncle Sam and start earning for themselves. This occasion will fall even later next year if President Obama succeeds ... MORE

Could The Rats Be Fleeing A Sinking Ship?

Congressional retirements highest since 1996. Rep. Ed Towns' (D-NY) retirement announcement "makes him the 25th House retirement of this cycle. Add in the 10 Senate retirements, and you've got the most combined retirements since 1996, when Democratic lawmakers retired in droves after the Republican Revolution of 1994 (and many    ... MORE

Veronique de Rugy: Taxation, American Style

The tax code is more progressive than you think.   Americans often tout the contrast between the bloated, tax-funded welfare states of the Old World and our leaner, cheaper government. But the data reveal that the U.S. may be closer to Europe than we think. Contrary to common belief, the American tax system is more progressive than those of  ... MORE

Scott Holleran Movies: The Hunger Games

A LibertyPen movie recommendation.    In mythology, Diana was a huntress who set upon the woods with bow and arrows, precision in her aim and a desire to protect youth and life. Essentially, The Hunger Games, based on the book by Suzanne Collins and the third highest-grossing movie debut ever, is a version of Diana’s story. It is not fast and flashy. It is slow ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Regulation vs Opportunity

Thomas Sowell: Mixing And Matching

Should central planners decide who lives where? Apparently the soaring national debt and the threat of a nuclear Iran are not enough to occupy the government's time, because the Obama administration is pushing to force Westchester County, N.Y., to create more low-income housing, in order to mix and match classes and races to fit the government's    ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Good Economists

Reality isn't always pretty.     It's difficult to be a good economist and simultaneously be perceived as compassionate. To be a good economist, one has to deal with reality. To appear compassionate, often one has to avoid unpleasant questions, use "caring" terminology and view reality as optional. Affordable housing and health care costs are terms with ... MORE

VIDEO: Simplifying the Tax Code

Matt Welch: 5 New Ways The IRS Is Screwing America

Dumb disclosure laws, xenophobic banking regs, and worse.   As the nation staggers toward the April 17 tax-filing deadline—otherwise known as National Crash Your Car Day—the immovable object of a debt-financed $3.8 trillion federal budget is incentivizing the irresistible force of rapacious government to scrounge for any and all spare change in the country's ... MORE

Bruce Walker: The Decline Of Greenism

Americans are waking up to the green con game. An April 9 Gallup Poll shows that since 2006, radical environmentalism has been losing influence in America. Gallup results are even more dramatic when viewed over the last couple of decades; worry about water pollution dropped from consuming 72% of Americans in 1989 to perturbing 46% in March 2011; worry about air  ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Sippin' On Coal And Rum

Coal fuels our standard of life.     Me: “I'll take a ‘Coal and Rum.’” Bartender: “What's that?” Me: “I'm protesting the EPA.” Bartender: “Got it. Awesome. Your drink is on the house.” Coal is my lifestyle. Coal allows me to turn darkness into light at the flip of a switch. Coal allows me to brew a cup of coffee, toast a bagel and pour a glass of  ... MORE

Juan Prada: Latin America Breaks Ranks On Drug War

When will America acknowledge the failure?     Latin American countries are rightfully fed up with fighting Washington’s war on drugs. In the four decades since President Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs, its battles have been fought predominantly in Latin American nations, leaving behind a trail of death and corruption while failing to    ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Why ABC Sucks And Other Stuff

Nat Hentoff: Sweet Land Of Liberty

We can't hide from the National Security Agency.    How many Americans know that as of September 2013, all of us engaged in any form of communication will be subject -- with the approval of President Barack Obama and the silence of Congress -- to continuous tracking and databasing by the National Security Agency? As I reported here last week, the  ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: What If The Constitution Is Rejected?

Frightening questions prompt unwelcome visions.      What if the government never took the Constitution seriously? What if the same generation - in some cases, the same individuals - who wrote in the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech,” also enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts, which made it a ... MORE

VIDEO: 12 Terrible Colleges for Free Speech - 2012

Three cheers for ole Indoctrinate U.

David Sirota: How The Drug War Hurts Everyone

From Wall Street to Oakland, it is beyond futile.    Something as massive and amorphous as America’s War on Drugs can be difficult to imagine in concrete terms. This web of failed policies is so huge, so persistent and so deeply woven into the fabric of our nation that it’s hard to envision an alternative — or even appreciate what the conflict is currently ... MORE

Daniel Simmons: The Illogic Of EPA Carbon Regulations

President Obama is getting what he hoped for in 2008—higher energy prices. By having his Environmental Protection Agency, known as the EPA, implement regulations that contribute to higher energy prices through new burdens on power plants, the agency is now effectively responsible for numerous plant closures and the cancellation of new power plants ... MORE

Melissa Langsam Braunstein: The Nanny Tax

Hiring a nanny? Prepare for plenty of red tape. There are certain laws everybody breaks.  Everybody jaywalks, nobody respects the speed limit, and nobody pays taxes for the children’s nanny.  But would more parents follow nanny-related laws if the system were more straightforward? As a new mother, I wonder. I had spent several years as a full-time   ... MORE

John Stossel: Can Government Do Anything Well?

No one can be trusted to manage the economy. I’m suspicious of superstitions, like astrology or the belief that “green jobs will fix the environment and the economy.” I understand the appeal of such beliefs. People crave simple answers and want to believe that some higher power determines our fates. The most socially destructive superstition of ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Reducing Black Unemployment

Jeff Jacoby: Freedom Of Association, Even For Augusta Ntl

In America, private clubs are allowed to exist. Now that the 2012 Masters Tournament is over, the hounds of political correctness have stopped baying at Augusta National Golf Club over its membership policies. The gender-grievance industry is moving on, looking for a new target to harangue. Yet as the Augusta National brouhaha recedes, there are  ... MORE

Lucy Steigerwald: Almost Free To Discuss Ending Drug War

Latin American leaders talk drug legalization. Will Obama join in? On Friday in Cartagena, Colombia, leaders from North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean will gather for the Summit of the Americas. There’s no official agenda, nor is there much word as to what definitely will be discussed beyond freer trade and "civil ... MORE

VIDEO: Does the Minimum Wage Hurt Workers?

Stephanie Banchero: School Vouchers Gain Ground

Louisiana is expanding their program.   Louisiana is poised to establish the nation's most expansive system of school choice by adopting a package of vouchers and other tools that would give many parents control over the use of tax dollars to educate their children. The initiative would effectively redefine vouchers, which have typically helped lower- ... MORE

Gary Horne: What? The Magic Words Aren't Working!

The awful truth is beginning to dawn on the left. The magic words on which they have relied to make government grow may not work anymore. The consequences could be catastrophic for progressives. So it isn't hard to understand why the progressives would visualize a Supreme Court ruling against ObamaCare as "unprecedented." The case of Wickard  ... MORE

Steve Chapman: The Minimum Wage Mirage

All workers are not worth $9.80 an hour.    Unemployment remains high; job growth is sluggish; and millions of Americans have given up hope of ever finding work. So how do creative legislators propose to generate new hiring? Easy: Make it more expensive. That's right. In Congress and several states, some lawmakers want to increase the legally mandated      ... MORE

James Poulos: A Permanent Captive To Crony Capitalism

Live by the government, die by the government.   For multibillion-dollar 4G LTE startup Lightsquared, the lesson is simple: live by the government, die by the government. For the rest of us, the unfortunate truth is that a vast and growing swath of the economy is, in effect, permanently captive to crony capitalism. As The Washington  ... MORE