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John Horvat II: Why Johnny Can't Sled Anymore

All must be safe and sterile.       In the midst of this cold winter, I chanced to come upon a scene that gladdened my heart. It was a group of unsupervised boys sledding down a hillside. They weren’t only sledding. They were ramming into other sleds. At the bottom of the hill, they pushed each other down, rolling and tumbling in the snow.     ... MORE

Rob Manfred Says MLB Could Support Legalized Gambling

by David Brown.     New commissioner Rob Manfred says he would be open to Major League Baseball considering a new approach to legalized gambling. Echoing statements that NBA commissioner Adam Silver made recently, Manfred told ESPN's Outside the Lines on Thursday that, "It's important for baseball to give fresh consideration to the    ... MORE

Stephen Moore: Why Wages Aren't Rising

Obama is scooping up job creation money. President Obama has wisely abandoned his lead-filled trial balloon of taxing college savings plans. Congressional offices were deluged over the last week with indignant calls from voters on this middle-class bait-and-switch scheme and finally Democrats caved. Good riddance. But the worst    ... MORE

Masked SWAT Team Raids Poker Game, Terrorizes Players

by Tom Jackman.        Militarized cops seek to protect society from gamblers. On a quiet weeknight among the stately manors of Great Falls, ten men sat around a table in the basement of a private home last November playing high stakes poker. Suddenly, masked and heavily armed SWAT team officers from the Fairfax County Police Department   ... MORE

Robby Soave: Abolish the Federal Drinking Age

Stop incentives to drink recklessly.   Activists, administrators, and national policymakers concerned about a supposed epidemic of rape on college campuses should stop trying so damn hard to regulate students' sex lives. Instead, their efforts would be better spent lobbying Congress to abolish a law that puts students at risk of sexual assault by   ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: We Could Be Heroes, You And Me

"What is the point of my life if I’m a coward?”    Twelve Charlie Hebdo staffers who died for free speech and 25 Republicans who voted against U.S. Speaker John Boehner are heroes. We too could be heroes, me and you. “We could be heroes, me and you,” are lyrics from Heroes (We Could Be)—a 2014 number one hit single by Swedish DJ   ... MORE

How Prohibition Drives People Toward Riskier Drugs

by Jacob Sullum.      Rise of the mystery high. Last week NBC News broadcast a story about Cloud 9, "a dangerous new synthetic drug that's been turning up at high schools." Anchorman Lester Holt warned that Cloud 9 is "legal, unregulated and readily available at convenience stores"; that it "has sent almost two dozen young people to     ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Who Owns You?

Who should decide your fate?        Darcy Olsen, president of the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, and Richard Garr, president of Neuralstem, a biotech company, wrote "Right to Try experimental drugs" in USA Today (5/28/2014). They pointed out that   ... MORE

J.D. Tuccille: Does Police Work Involve Special 'Bravery'?

A job less risky than cab driver.       It's good to excel at your job—and if that excellence involves protecting the innocent and rescuing children, so much the better. Good stuff. But if we're going to recognize individuals who have done awesome things, is it entirely necessary to lavishly spread the praise so that their entire trade is stroked as  ... MORE

Marijuana Legalization Could Bring Unexpected Benefits

by Jacob Sullum.    Why more pot may mean safer roads. The anti-pot group Project SAM claims drug test data show that marijuana legalization in Washington, approved by voters in that state at the end of 2012, already has made the roads more dangerous. The group notes with alarm that the percentage of people arrested for driving under the      ... MORE