Matt Welch: Why Big Government Is Offensive

The increasingly invasive activities of the state stinks.    I was hoping to make it through life without hearing television commentators repeatedly utter the word transvaginal. Yet that intimate territory is where the country headed in February, and it is where we will increasingly return as long as the government keeps assuming a greater role in our private ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Media Dishonesty And Race Hustlers

Inflaming passions to push a self-serving agenda.    When NBC's "Today" show played the audio of George Zimmerman's call to a Sanford, Fla., police dispatcher about Trayvon Martin, the editors made him appear to be a racist who says: "This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black." What Zimmerman actually said was: "This guy looks like he's up to no good  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Technically, That's Illegal

Politicians keep Americans in a perpetual state of lawbreaking.

Debra Saunders: Obama, The Happy Drug Warrior

The president's war against the states. Why is the federal government under President Obama arguably tougher on medical marijuana operations than it was under George W. Bush? That's the question that antidrug-war groups have been asking themselves for months. In 2008, antiprohibitionists thought an Obama administration would not tread on medical-marijuana   ... MORE

Jonah Goldberg: Very Few Of The Above

Obama's energy policy is rather picky.    In his speech before the Newspapers Association of America/American Society of News Editors Wednesday, likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney accused the president of changing positions to get reelected.  For instance, Romney charged that “as president,” Obama “delayed the development of our ... MORE

VIDEO: Top Cop Chooses Not To See Voter Fraud

Even after stranger given Attorney General Eric Holder's ballot.

John Fund: Why We Need Voter-ID Laws Now

The attorney general can't look away anymore. Attorney General Eric Holder is a staunch opponent of laws requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls to improve ballot security. He calls them “unnecessary” and has blocked their implementation in Texas and South Carolina, citing the fear they would discriminate against minorities. I wonder what    ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: Hope For The Dead

Human aspiration needs freedom to flourish. What does freedom have to do with rising from the dead? When America was in its infancy and struggling to find a culture and frustrated with governance from Great Britain, the word most frequently uttered in speeches and pamphlets and letters was not safety, taxes or peace; it was freedom. Two acts of ... MORE

Wendell Cox: California Declares War On Suburbia

State's climate-change goals provide the impetus. It's no secret that California's regulatory and tax climate is driving business investment to other states. California's high cost of living also is driving people away. Since 2000 more than 1.6 million people have fled, and my own research as well as that of others points to high housing prices as the principal factor. ... MORE

Daniel Mandel: What Is Judicial Activism?

Striking down an unconstitutional law is doing its duty. Last week, President Barack Obama warned the Supreme Court against the perils of judicial activism. Specifically, he warned against the Court ruling unconstitutional Obamacare. "Ultimately," said the President, "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an     ... MORE

VIDEO: Williams & Sowell - Minimum Wage, Maximum Folly

Sheldon Richman: Is Serfdom An Executive Order Away?

The unchecked powers of the executive.  Sometimes a step back helps to provide perspective on a matter. President Obama provided such a step with his March 16 Executive Order—National Defense Resources Preparedness. In it we see in detail how completely the government may control our lives—euphemistically called the “industrial and    ... MORE

Ben Stein: Our Presidential Know Nothing

Besides the Constitution, what else doesn't he know? Here, in outline form, is why the pronouncements from President Barack Obama, warning the Supreme Court to not overturn Obamacare. are so chilling: 1. The President supposedly went to Harvard Law School, graduated from same, was Law Review President of the Harvard Law Review at  ... MORE

VIDEO: Does Government Spending Create Growth?

Nick Schulz: Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity

Why Congress should not raise minimum wage.  When economic times are tough, it’s tempting to want to push for an increase in the minimum wage. Supporters see it as giving the deserving poor a badly needed raise. If we only mandate that employers raise the pay floor for their employees, those who earn the least will see a nice pay bump. ... MORE

Victor Davis Hanson: Freedom Or Fairness In 2012?

A conflict of visions.   This should prove to be an ideological election about the economy. Not all campaigns are so clear-cut. Sometimes moderate Republicans raise taxes (as George H. W. Bush did); at other times, pragmatic Democrats cut spending (as Bill Clinton did). But this year, Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee, will run an ideological ... MORE

Ethan A. Huff: Total Obedience Required By Police State

Man charged with assault for pointing finger at police. Apparently it is now illegal, at least in the eyes of the corrupt police state, to even engage a police officer in any way other than complete subservience and groveling., recounting the story as it was told by ABC 7 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, explains that David Loveless, a father with no ... MORE

John Stossel: Let's Give The Fed Some Competition

Pssst. Want to buy some Stossels? They're my own currency with my face on them. Why should you trust them? Because I promise to redeem them for gold. And I'm reliable. I have money in the bank and a job that brings in more than I spend. By contrast, the politicians who back American currency run an unsustainable deficit. The Federal Reserve prints so much   ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Nature Of Inflation

John W. Whitehead: Strip-Searching America

Strip-searches now allowed for minor traffic offenses.    In a devastating 5-4 ruling that not only condones an overreach of state power but legitimizes what is essentially state-sponsored humiliation and visual rape, the U.S. Supreme Court recently declared that any person who is arrested and processed at a jail house, regardless of the severity of his or her ... MORE

Charles L. Hooper: They Really Don't Know Clouds At All

A dark cloud is forming over climate warming models.    “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down, and still somehow, It’s cloud illusions I recall,  I really don’t know clouds at all.” —Singer Joni Mitchell.  Science has an air of authority. Many people, including many scientists, have the view that all the important things are  ... MORE

VIDEO: 5 Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity

Adam J. White: Flunking Constitutional Law

Constitutional ignorance of presidential proportions. Last week, President Obama clumsily announced that it would be "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to strike down "a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress." This week, his words are already having an effect in the courts—but not the effect he hoped for.     ... MORE

Alicia M. Cohn: Ron Paul Demonstrates True Transparency

The rare politician who honors the public's trust.    Ron Paul's presidential campaign regularly reports expenses well below the $200 minimum to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and in at least 160 reports so far in the campaign has reported purchases costing a dollar or less. Paul's diligence goes beyond the letter of the law and is    ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Religion & Politics: An Unholy Alliance

The GOP may be shrinking its appeal. One day, in a sardonic jibe at some conservative who was piously claiming the mantle of heaven, I told my wife, "Don't forget, God's a Republican." Without missing a beat, she replied, "But his son's a Democrat." Between the Old Testament Jehovah and the New Testament Jesus, a Christian can find support for almost any      ... MORE

Eliza Krigman: U.N. Seeks Power For Internet Regulation

What will be America's response to Russia and China? Faced with the prospect of United Nations regulation of the Internet, the United States has yet to appoint a leader for an upcoming battle with other countries over Web management. Less than a year from a historic treaty negotiation that will redefine international agreements on Internet management, the   ... MORE

VIDEO: Obama Campaign Makes Fraudulent Donations Easy

Accepts credit cards without requiring pesky validating information.

Barry Farber: The Meddler In A Nursing Home

None of this is literally true; only in the important sense. A non-violent sadist loved to mess up people’s heads in nursing homes. He learned of one where he could score double-demolition with one visit. His two favorite targets resided on neighboring floors. First, he visited the retired World War II veterans, tired old men in their late 80s and mid-90s   ... MORE

Alan Reynolds: Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage

Kicking unemployment up another notch. President George W. Bush signed a bill in May 2007 that would eventually increase the federal minimum wage substantially but gradually, with the last hike in the summer of 2009 after he left office. National unemployment then was only 4.4 percent, and 22 states already had a higher minimum. So, the damage was not felt ... MORE

VIDEO: Will Whole Foods Destroy Brooklyn?

David Harsanyi: Obama And The Mother Of All Tyrannies

Who should be petrified of democracy? Anyone who's had a casual conversation with his neighbors or is cognizant of reality TV should already be petrified of democracy. But if the Supreme Court—or, as Barack Obama likes to refer to them, an "unelected group of people"—overturns Obamacare's individual mandate, the president says that the court would be   ... MORE

Mario Loyola: The EPA Abuses First, Apologizes Later

The state's biggest bully beats up another victim. Last summer, I wrote about the Environmental Protection Agency’s shameful persecution of a Texas natural-gas company, Range Resources Corp. The year before, EPA had slapped the company with an “emergency order” under the Safe Drinking Water Act, alleging that it “caused or contributed to” ... MORE

Nat Hentoff: Obama's NSA Close To Knowing All About Us

Do politicians know what country they are in? Not long before Dick Armey – a conservative Republican constitutionalist – retired as House majority leader, he gave a speech expressing his worry about the government’s increasing blanket surveillance over We the People. He practically begged President George W. Bush to “use these tools we ... MORE

Daniel Allott: The Hate Crimes Farce

The threshold for a hate crime continues to decline. Have you ever used a racial slur? You may have two answers to that question. There's your initial visceral response: No! Of course not! Never! But then there's the response you'd give if you were being a little more honest: maybe... once or twice. So, if you have, does it make you a racist? In the court of     ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Camera Shy Or A Power High?

Some public servants don't want their service to be public.

Thomas Sowell: The Invincible Dogma

How the government demonstrates discrimination.     A long-standing legal charade was played out again recently, when Federal Express paid $3 million to settle an employment discrimination case brought by the U.S. Department of Labor. Federal Express was accused of both racial discrimination and sex discrimination. FedEx denied it. Why then did ... MORE

Robin Zubrin: Carbon Emissions Are Good

Always check your premises.     Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its intention to enforce regulations that would effectively ban new coal-fired power plants in the United States. As coal is by far America’s cheapest and most plentiful fossil fuel, and coal-fired power stations account for 45 percent of all electricity generated ... MORE

VIDEO: What If the National Debt Were Your Debt?

Katie Pavlich: Unions Plan To Train 100,000 Protestors

Welcome to Occupy Spring. When The 99% Spring was announced in February, organizers vowed to train 100,000 people. It looks like they’ll easily make that goal when their training programs kick off next week. There are already 918 planned around the country. All the group needs is about 10 people at each session to meet its goal, and  ... MORE

Michael Barone: The Constitution's Comeback

Americans are worrying about the founding document again. I don’t worry about the Constitution,” said Representative Phil Hare, Democrat of Illinois, at a town-hall meeting where voters questioned his support of the legislation that became Obamacare. You can find the clip on YouTube, where it has 462,084 hits. That was before the 2010 election ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Dupes For The State

The tragedy: an increased willingness to use government force. Public misunderstanding, ignorance and possibly contempt for liberty play into the hands of people who want to control our lives. Responses to my recent column "Compliant Americans" brought this home to me. In it, I argued that the anti-tobacco movement became the template and     ... MORE

Americans Want MORE Control Of Their Own Health Care

by Shikha Dalmia. With the three-day ObamaCare circus at the Supreme Court behind us, let’s fast-forward to June. Suppose that five justices find their constitutional bearings and do what a majority of Americans want them to do: Scrap the individual mandate, the key provision without which the law will collapse. What then? Will that mean that our current system ... MORE

VIDEO: Smart Meters To Monitor A Nation Of Sheep

We are now electromagnetic radiation guinea pigs.

Rekha Basu: The Bigger Problem: Drugs Or Drug War?

Vincente Fox says the solution is legalization.    When a former Mexican president comes to town, you might expect drugs to be discussed. You might not expect a pitch for legalizing them. But there on Wednesday was Vicente Fox, who led Mexico from 2000 to 2006, sharing a cocktail with a group at the Des Moines condo of Connie Wimer and Frank Fogarty ... MORE

Adam Liptak: Justices Approve Strip-Searches For Anything

No good reason required. The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, joined by the court’s conservative wing, wrote that courts are in no ... MORE

VIDEO: What If Government Ordered Your Lunch?

Sean Murphy: Lawmakers Look To Expand Gun Rights

You only get one chance at self-defense. The high-profile shooting death of an unarmed Florida teenager by a neighborhood watch captain has prompted rallies and protests across the country, including in Oklahoma, but state leaders say it won’t affect the push for greater gun rights in Oklahoma. While officials in some states, like Florida, are taking a   ... MORE

Emily Miller: America's High Tax Leadership

Highest corporate tax in the developed world. The United States is now, officially, the worst place to do business in the developed world. On Sunday, Japan lowered its corporate tax rate in the hopes of luring business to its shores, handing the title of highest tax rate to the Land of the Free. The market reaction on Monday will tell whether money will begin flowing ... MORE

Andrew C. McCarthy: Statism Goes To Court

Health care should not be a federal concern at all. Well, I can’t imagine that that — that the Commerce Clause would — would forbid Congress from taking into account this deeply embedded social norm.” This was Solicitor General Donald Verrilli on Day Two of the great Obamacare case. At issue was Affordable Care Act’s most controversial aspect:  ... MORE

Sheldon Richman: How To Think LIke The Ruling Class

Understanding the origins of state power.   In the beginning ruling classes had a problem. It will be familiar to those acquainted with the Austrian critique of central economic planning: Rulers could not know what they needed to know to do the job they wanted to do. Societies, even seemingly primitive ones, are complex networks held together by ... MORE

VIDEO: Harry Browne - Maximizing Personal Freedom

Andrew Napolitano: The Real Question About ObamaCare

Can the government force you to eat broccoli?   This week, the Supreme Court measured Obamacare to see whether it fits within the confines of the Constitution. The big picture is whether the Constitution limits the behavior of the federal government to the plain meaning and historical context of the Constitution, or whether clever lawyers and politicians ... MORE

Matt Patterson: Obama Kills Coal - As Promised

Higher electricity prices will affect the poor most. “If someone wants to build a new coal-fired power plant they can, but it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a huge sum for all the greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”- Candidate Barack Obama, 2008. Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned. This week, the unelected, unaccountable     ... MORE

VIDEO: Remy: Health Care Mandates vs Pizza Toppings

Dr. Mark Siegel: Individual Mandate Isn't The Worst Part

Doctors, patients, and the future of ObamaCare.   Imagine if the government mandated that you buy an expensive certificate to eat at a certain restaurant chain, but you quickly discovered that this chain only provided you with limited food options and didn’t hire additional chefs or waiters to cover the new volume of customers. Moreover, what if   ... MORE

Alex Dobuzinskis: Branson Calls To End The Drug War

The billionaire adventurist advocates liberty. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, involved in such ventures as selling space travel to the affluent, is now pushing for people to have the freedom to get high here on Earth without risking going to jail. The British billionaire argues criminal punishment fails to stem drug abuse, and is calling on countries     ... MORE

William Ward: The Unseen Message Of The Hunger Games

Sparking a thirst for liberty?    Though the liberal media and leftist Hollywood are wrapping themselves in The Hunger Games, the book series' pro-individualism, anti-socialist/communist/totalitarianism message has thus far eluded them -- but the legions of children reading the books are getting the message. When I learned that my teenage sons -- macho young lads ... MORE

Shikha Dalmia: Forget About Income Inequality

It's economic opportunities that will help the poor. Reading David Grusky’s essay is a strange experience: with the wrong diagnosis, he gets half of the right cure. Grusky maintains that the central problem confronting America is income inequality. He argues that the root cause of this malady lies in how rich people acquire their pre-tax income—by rigging the ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Human Livestock

S.F. GATE: Cops Pose As Bunnies To Write Seat Belt Tickets

And you thought bunnies were not in the rodent family? Officers in West Palm Beach, Fla., have come up with a diabolical new use for a giant bunny costume. According to the Palm Beach Post, a cop dressed in the costume Wednesday stood in a median with a sign that read “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle up!” While bemused motorists waved  ... MORE & VIDEO

Jacob Laksin: Obama's World Bank Pick Hates Capitalism

The president shows his true colors.   Imagine if President Obama appointed radical Noam Chomsky, who has denounced capitalism as a “murderously destructive catastrophe,” to head up a committee on economic growth. That’s less of a stretch than it may seem, considering Obama’s nominee to head the World Bank, current Dartmouth College  ... MORE

VIDEO: Public Pension Crisis: The Solution

Steve Chapman: Toward The Conquest Of World Poverty

Even communist eventually have to make peace with reality. Progress can often be defined as the stuff that happens while humanity is preoccupied with everything that is going wrong. On the surface, the first decade of the 21st century looks like an ugly parade of terrorism, war and economic convulsion. But in one important sense it stands as   ... MORE

Steven Greenhut: Californians Love Taxes

But they don't like government reform.  A funny thing happened after California officials announced the shutdown of 70 state parks in the face of an estimated $33 million in budget cutbacks: Private companies, wealthy donors, nonprofit organizations and local governments came up with ways to keep many parks open. Eleven parks have already been    ... MORE

George F. Will: Economic Liberty Needs Protection

Using regulations as a weapon.   Ali Bokhari, now 39, emigrated from Pakistan in 2000 and eventually settled in Nashville, Tenn., as a taxi driver, and soon experienced a quintessentially American itch, a nagging sense that “I cannot grow.” But he had an idea: “I can build a better business model for something Nashville has been missing.” He built it, and now knows ... MORE

John Stossel: Big Government Makes Us Small

Know-it-all politicians are job killers.   Politicians say they "create jobs." In fact, only the private sector generates the information needed to create real, productive jobs. Since this current post-recession job recovery is the slowest in 80 years, you'd think that even know-it-all politicians would want to sweep away the labyrinth of government regulations that    ... MORE